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Planning BOM solution

With the expansion of the global business, the number of companies that carry out the product planning and engineering locally, have been increasing rapidly in order to make products quickly that meet the local market needs in overseas. However, even if product is planned by reflecting the requirements (VOC*) from the customer with doing marketing activities in local area, and such request is not materialized and directed to engineering and manufacturing accurately, then expected sales result would not be achieved.

Furthermore, engineering completely different products at each sales location would reduce the development efficiency, and make parts purchase costs relatively higher since parts cannot be consolidated and that may lead to increase in product costs.

Obbligato Planning BOM solution visualizes the relationship between definitions, requirements, specifications, functions and configurations which is based on VOC, realizes the information at the planning concept phase as a planning BOM, and take over to subsequent processes such as engineering and manufacturing as a BOM. Furthermore, it also supports product planning operations to manufacture the “product that can be sold truly”.

Furthermore, it is possible to improve the efficiency of division of labor between the engineering in Japan and local sites and to optimize parts procurement by consolidating planning BOM in each region and defining global standard specifications (platforms) across sites and countries.

Figure:Planning BOM solution

Main Functions

  • Planning BOM management
  • Integrated BOM management