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Eliminating Noise with Used Tennis Balls

Attaching used tennis balls to the feet of desks and chairs used by children in classrooms at elementary schools, etc. reduces the noises made when moving them, thereby eliminating loud noises.Irritating noises in classrooms can also be prevented, creating a comfortable environment for children.

1: Prepare tennis balls

Photo : Prepare tennis balls

Prepare four used tennis balls per chair and desk.

2: Make a hole

Photo : Make a hole

Mark a cross on a tennis ball using a marker.

Then, make a hole in the center of the cross with a screwdriver or drill.

3: Cut slits into the ball

Photo : Cut slits into the ball

Cut slits into the face of the ball along the cross lines.

Be careful not to make the slits too long.

(If they are, the ball will come off the feet easily.)

4: One ball done

Photo : One ball done

That completes the cutting of one ball.

Do the same for the remaining balls.

5: Remove any liquid inside

Photo : Remove any liquid inside

Liquid remains in the balls.

Remove it.

Liquid remaining in the balls erodes the feet of desks and chairs.

To avoid this, put the balls in a place with good ventilation such as near a window until the odor is completely removed.

6: Attach to the feet

Photo : Attach to the feet

Attach them to the 8 feet of a desk and chair.

Completed appearance

Photo : Completed appearance

Even if an entire class of children stands up at the same time, you cannot hear unpleasant, loud noise.