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M Series Software

Integrated Management

Software combines NEC Storage Manager and NEC Storage Manager Integration Base.

Storage management software that efficiently centralizes storage resources, displays configurations, monitors conditions, and reports failures.

Device Management

Software that enables integrated management of NEC storage disk arrays from various software cooperating with NEC Storage Manager.

Performance Management

Software combines NEC Storage PerformanceMonitor and NEC Storage PerformanceNavigator.

Software that displays real-time data on storage load, collects and accumulates performance information, and supports analyzing system performance.

Optional software making the performance data analysis more efficient.

Software that includes an adapter to provide vCenter Operations Manager with performance information about resources of NEC Storage and a dashboard to analyze performance information of NEC Storage.

Replication Management

Packaging product for easy setup of a backup system that uses data replication (DynamicDataReplication, RemoteDataReplication) and snapshot (DynamicSnapVolume).

Cooperative Management

Software that cooperates with vCenter Server so that vSphere Client can make logical disks in NEC Storage disk array and allocate them to the host servers.

NEC Storage VASA provider is a program designed to support VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA).

Connector to realize the seamless cooperation between MasterScope MISSION CRITICAL OPERATIONS and NEC Storage Manager.

Software to realize disaster recovery on VMware environment in cooperation with replication function of the M Series disk array.

Driver as well as support service to use the M Series disk array as a block storage (cinder volume) in the IaaS environment built with OpenStack.

Storage Control

Software that provides basic functions to control and monitor the status of NEC Storage disk array system.

This product is composed by the following functions. The operation setting to each function can be done from the application server connected with the disk array of the NEC Storage M series by command line interface (CLI).

  • Data replication function
  • Snapshot function
  • Data retention function
  • Power saving function
  • Disaster recovery function

Replication Control

Replication software duplicating volumes in the same disk array system.

Replication software duplicating volumes in different disk array systems.
FC and iSCSI are supported.

Function for replicating volumes across different storage systems over a low speed network.
FC and iSCSI are supported.

Snapshot software creating snapshots which make efficient use of disk capacity.

Optional software that creates backup of M Series volumes in HS Series without any backup server and software.

Optional software supporting online backup of Microsoft®SQL Server™ databases.

Optional software supporting data replication without interrupting file system operation.

Disaster Recovery

Remote replication as the basis of the disaster recovery system.
FC and iSCSI are supported.

Resource Control

Software that enables long-term data preservation in a tamper proof form.

Software that enables reduction of electric power consumption by turning off the motor power of unused disk drives.

Function to enhance storage usage efficiency by virtual capacity.

Function to control IO flow between application servers and M Series disk array by setting an upper or lower limit of IO Operations Per Second (IOPS) for each logical disk in the disk array.

Function to autonomously reallocate the stored data in the M Series disk array to an optimal device (SSD/SAS/NL-SAS) according to the frequency of data access.

Function to use SSD as L2 cache memory.

Function to partition cache memory of disk array so that it can provide high stability in the virtual environment by setting limits to cache memory of the storage for each tenant to secure the IO bandwidth.

Function to migrate data from an existing storage unit to a new one.

Optional software to collaborate with VMware Virtual Volume to manage individual Virtual Volumes (VM) in VMware environment.

Function to prevent data leakage by securely erase the user data in the disk array.

High Availability

Software that provides automatic path switch function for an I/O path failure (path failover) and uses multiple paths to distribute load.