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NEC Storage Manager Suite

NEC Storage Manager Suite is required in system with NEC Storage M120/M320/M320F to manage multiple disks, to use optional functions, and to work together with other software programs.
NEC Storage Manager Suite includes the following software programs:

  • NEC Storage Manager
    This software , which runs on PC and Express series, manages disk arrays centrally and efficiently.
  • NEC Storage Manager Integration Base
    This software works together with NEC Storage Manager and allows for integrated monitoring and control by using software programs.
  • NEC Storage PerformanceMonitor
    This software collects and accumulates information on the performance of the NEC Storage disk array systems and displays the performance in real-time.
  • NEC Storage PerformanceNavigator
    This software graphs and digitizes performance information on disk array equipment clearly, and makes the quickness and the certain performance analysis possible.
  • NEC Storage VolumeProtect
    This software prevents data corruption due to unauthorized change of the data or miss-operation by setting access rights and data retaining period for each volume and realizes long term preservation of data in a tamper proof format.
  • Non-disruptive Data Migration
    This function can copy data of an existing disk array unit to a new disk array unit by each unit of logical disk(LD)s, without stopping application servers.
  • Remote LD Movement
    This function can move the logical disk(LD)s which is being used on the NEC Storage disk array unit to different disk array unit while continuing business.