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NEC Storage BaseProduct

NEC Storage BaseProduct is requisite in using NEC Storage M300/M310/M310F, M500 series, M700 series.
NEC Storage BaseProduct contains the following software programs.

  • Storage Control Software
    This software program is responsible for basic control of a disk array.
  • NEC Storage Manager Express
    This software program, which runs on a disk array, manages the disk array efficiently.
  • NEC Storage Manager
    This software program, which runs on PC and Express series, manages disk arrays centrally and efficiently.
  • NEC Storage Manager Integration Base
    This software program works together with NEC Storage Manager and allows for integrated monitoring and control by using software programs.
  • NEC Storage AccessControl
    This software program configures access to logical disks from servers to prevent corruption, leakage, and tampering of data caused by unexpected or unauthorized access.
  • NEC Storage StoragePowerConserver
    This software program saves power consumption by spinning physical disks that are not used constantly when they are needed.
    (M310F / M710F disk array is not supported.)
  • NEC Storage ThinProvisioning
    This software program allows for efficient use of a disk array’s capacity by automatically allocating the capacity to volumes according to the amount of data written to the volumes.
  • NEC Storage DataMigration
    This software program transfers data at high speed from a disk array of existing NEC Storage series to a disk array of NEC Storage M series.
  • SMI-S Provider
    A disk array can be monitored and its configurations can be changed by a management tool supporting SMI-S (*).
    * SMI-S (Storage Management Initiative-Specification) is a storage management standard developed by SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association).
    This product supports the following management tools:
    - Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager
    - Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager
    - NEC SigmaSystemCenter 3.2 to 3.4
    SMI-S has some restrictions on the configuration of NEC Storage disk array to manage.