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NEC Storage ThinProvisioning

NEC Storage ThinProvisioning provides function to dynamically allocate capacity corresponding to the amount of the data written to the volume.

This function provides the following effects.

Reduction of initial cost

Initial introduction cost is reduced as the system operation can be started with fewer disk drives than a system without this function.

Reduction of power consumption

Power consumption and emission of CO2 is reduced while equipping fewer disk drives to a disk array.

Efficient use of capacity

Capacity can be used efficiently as an unused space is allocated to other services etc.

Capacity change without interruption of service

When data increase yields to lack of disk array capacity, the capacity of a disk array is increased without interruption by adding disk drives.

Capacity change without interruption of service


virtual capacity : recognized capacity where actual space is not allocated
actual capacity : space allocated to the pool with actual space
allocated capacity : actual space allocated to a virtual capacity logical disk from a pool