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NEC Storage ControlCommand

This product is composed by the following functions. The operation setting to each function can be done from the application server connected with the disk array of the NEC Storage M series by command line interface (CLI).

1.Data replication function

NEC Storage ControlCommand offers the setting of operation for data replication function from the application server which is connected to disk array.

2.Snapshot function

NEC Storage ControlCommand offers commands operation from an application server connected to NEC Storage for snapshot function by command line interface (CLI).

3.Disaster recovery function

NEC Storage ControlCommand allows for settings and operations for disaster recovery in data replication between different disk arrays.

4.Data retention function

NEC Storage ControlCommand operations for the data retention function through command line interface of a server connected to NEC Storage. With this function, an archive operation in cooperation with an application on the server is possible.

5.Power saving function

NEC Storage ControlCommand commands the power saving function from a server connected to NEC Storage through command line interface (CLI). With this product, power saving operation in cooperation with business running on the server is performed.