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NEC Storage PathManager

This product enables automatic switching between access paths when a failure occurs in an access path to NEC Storage disk array system. After removing the cause of the failure, restoration commands can be used to restore the failed access path.In addition, using multiple access paths at the same time enables balancing of I/O traffic to separate access paths.

PathManager works on the following OSes:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • VMware
  • NEC Storage PathManager for Windows and NEC Storage PathManager for Linux are bundled with NEC Storage M100 series, M320/M320F.
  • NEC Storage PathManager for VMware is bundled with NEC Storage M120/M320/M320F.
  • When using a disk array which doesn't bundle NEC Storage PathManager, special purchase is needed.

PathManager for VMware uses the PSP (path selection policy) provided by OS. Features of PathManager for VMware are listed below:

  • Manages the multiple paths to the same logical unit.
  • Switches the path when a path failure occurred.
  • Supports non-disruptive update of storage control software.
I/O traffic to separate access path