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SAN/NAS Unified

Lineup of M Series

M Series Disk Array

M110 Disk Array

Entry model with high performance, high reliability and green technology.
ENERGY STAR certified.

M310 Disk Array

Low end model with high performance, high availability and rich solutions.

ENERGY STAR certified.

M510 Disk Array

Midrange model with high performance and high availability suitable for server consolidation and virtualization environment.

M710 Disk Array

Disk array with high scalability and high performance, best suited for virtualization environment.

M310F All Flash storage

All flash storage that resolves I/O bottleneck of big data analysis and virtualization environment.

M710F All Flash Storage

All flash storage that is suitable for IT environment requiring higher performanse and faster response than ever.

M Series Optional Products

NAS Gateway

Optional products of M Series for file data access.


Optional product of M Series for Fibre Channel connection.