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List of supported organizations for FY2015

Overview information about the supported organizations is described below.

People with severe disabilities and diseases are afraid of losing ability to communicate the most. ICT Rescue Team supports those people. Communications with other people can be realized by using ICT such as PCs and operating switches as a substitute for their voice. They hold the "IT Communication Support Course" for those who support patients, and strive to realize a society where everyone can live with hope.

Comments from representative: Mr. Keiji Imai, Director

Supports people with severe disabilities and diseases, which are still unknown to the public, to communicate. I expect NEC Pro Bono to help us create attractive business plans by comprehensively and organically forming knowledge and technologies to develop human resources who have know-how, knowledge and technologies regarding social recognition, activity environment construction/maintenance, fund raising, and technology transfer lectures.

Lots has conducted support activities since immediately after Great East Japan Earthquake including sending volunteers to all disaster areas, comedian visits, and medical supply support. In the course of restoration, they commercialized home-visit medication and rehabilitation in order to prevent the health condition of disaster victims from worsening. In June, 2012, they established a home-visit rehabilitation business "Home-Visit Rehabilitation Station Sampo" as the first model in the special reconstruction district. Home-visit medication and rehabilitation starts with communications and is very effective to recover mental and physical health. The goal of Lots is to conduct activities to protect lives and health for the people in disaster areas.

Comments from representative: Mr. Yoshinobu Tomiyama, President

We provide home medical and nursing services in Rikuzentakata City and Ofunato City in Iwate Prefecture, however, it is very difficult to recruit medical care personnel because these areas are remote and disaster-stricken areas. We have sustained these operations by hiring from other prefectures, but we need to establish a log-term and stable employment route. We appreciate it if NEC could help us for recruitment and public relations, and support health care in disaster areas.

Minamisanriku is still in the reconstruction state even 4 years after the earthquake disaster. Minamisanriku Tourism Association promotes measures to attract people using local cultural and social characteristics for the future of Minamisanriku, advertise tourist spots and tourism products, and improve tourist facilities and tourism personnel quality for the improvement of local culture of everyday life as well as economic development.

Comments from representative: Mr. Yoshinori Oikawa, Director

We are grateful for NEC's continuous support for various activities such as for Fukkouichi. Minamisanriku has gradually but steadily been reconstructed thanks to many volunteers and tourists who visited us. However, the special demand for reconstruction after the disaster already subsided and the number of visitors must return to normal, therefore, tourism business development using the local resources is essential. Tourism is an important factor for local industries and is a big issue and also potential to retain existing volunteers and tourists and attract new fans of our town. We hope that NEC can work with us to solve this issue.

Activity schedule

From July to August Strategy establishment phase
From September to November Planning phase
End of December Follow-up, results reporting