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NEC Guide-Dog Visits

Since 2006, 178 schools were visited nationwide and more than 18,700 people participated
Learn more about guide dogs to support people with visual impairments!

"NEC Guide-Dog Visits" is a program started in 2006 and has been operated in cooperation with the Japan Guide Dog Association to create a welcoming social environment for the visually impaired. Guide dog educational classes with lectures about the role and duties of guide dogs and visual impairments, and experience in walking with a guide-dog-PR dog (*1) are held in elementary and junior high schools throughout Japan.

Today, about 1,000 guide dogs are serving, however, approximately 3,000 visually impaired persons (*2) need guide dogs.  Three or four dogs out of ten dogs can become a guide dog through training. Efforts and time of many people are required to train one guide dog, and most of them are supported by donations and volunteers.

NEC Group supports the guide dog training program of the Japan Guide Dog Association by placing donation boxes in our in-house shops and offices, and collecting donations at charity events.

  • (*1)
    A dog to promote and educate about guide dogs. Plays an important role in on-site classes, events and fund raising activities.
  • (*2)
    Quoted from the website of Japan Guide Dog Association

Program Details

Target Elementary School Students in Grades 1 - 6, Junior High School Students in Grades 7 - 9 (Guardians may participate; Observation allowed)
Time 90 minutes
Description Classes and demonstrations held to deepen understanding of persons with visual impairments and their guide dogs
  • About guide dogs (how to train, duties)
  • About being visually impaired (what it is like to be blind or have poor vision)
  • Advice on when you encounter a guide dog user in town
  • Experiencing walking with a white cane or a guide-dog-PR dog
  • Interacting with a guide-dog-PR dog
Host Japan Guide Dog Association
Co-host Individual Elementary and Junior High Schools
Sponsor NEC

Comments from participants

  • I was able to understand how important seeing eye dogs are for the visually impaired. I want to help these people if I see them in trouble.
  • I learned for the first time that there is a lack of guide dogs even though there are many people who need them.

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