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NEC announced "NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2017/2030" where one of the key purposes was "Contribution to conserving biodiversity" in June of 2010, and we are deploying activities based on the "NEC Group Principles for Conserving Biodiversity."

Environmental preservation

NEC Paddy Making Project

To improve the environmental awareness of NEC Group employees, a nature experience program from rice growing to sake-making is held throughout the year.
This project also seeks to develop and verify the contributing to ecosystem observation and biodiversity preservation using "IT and network technologies".

Biodiversity preservation

NEC Nature Quest in Shiba Park

In Minato Ward of Tokyo where the NEC headquarters building is located, we hold lunch time gardening and family events on holidays to create the "Biodiversity Garden" with the slogan of "Habitat for Parantica sita butterflies in Shiba Park".

NEC Living Nature Observation Team in Abiko

There is a spring-fed pond in the NEC Abiko Plant site, and the existence of the endangered Copera tokyoensis has been confirmed.
Living nature observations and invasive fish exterminations are held for NEC Group Employees and their families to conserve Copera tokyoensis 4 times a year.

NEC Green Conservation Activity in Fuchu

The "Tokyo Metropolitan Sengenyama Park" in Fuchu, Tokyo is the only place where "Hemerocallis middendorffi var. musashiensis"grow heartily in Japan, with NEC Group employees and their families taking care of the location by planting nursery plants and clearing underbrush.