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Practical Web Sites for HA Cluster Configurations on Azure


June 30th, 2021


This time, we pick out useful Web sites to configure HA clusters in Microsoft Azure (hereinafter called "Azure").
These sites provide Azure basic knowledge and configuration procedures of HA clusters, which will help you configure HA clusters in Azure.
Note: The sites listed below are as of June 30th, 2021.

Azure Sites

In this section, we listed Web sites providing basic knowledge of Azure to configure HA clusters.

Azure Basics
The following are useful knowledge resources of services required for configuring HA clusters in Azure:

Availability of Azure Virtual Machines
The following sites describe the idea of availability of which you should be aware of when configuring an Azure virtual machine:

Links for HA Cluster Configuration Scenarios

The following blogs provide the scenarios of the actual HA cluster configurations on Azure.


The following are EXPRESSCLUSTER configuration guides for Azure:

popupDocumentation - Setup Guides
  • Windows > Cloud > Microsoft Azure
  • Linux > Cloud > Microsoft Azure


This time, we have introduced useful sites for configuring an HA cluster with Azure.
We will keep the information updated once we find any other practicable site in the future.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article through to the end.