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Key Features

For all applications / Physical, Virtual and Cloud

Feature Specification
Shared Disk Type / Data Mirroring Type / Hybrid Clustering
No Hardware / Application dependency
LAN / WAN configuration
Physical / Virtual configuration
Cloud environment support (AWS, etc)
Active-Standby / Active-Active / M+1 Standby / M+n Standby, etc
Both automated and manual failover suppot
Wide range monitoring capability
Monitors network, hardware, OS and application not to miss a failure which leads to system disruption
By using dedicated monitoring agent, EXPRESSCLUSTER X can detect not only application termination but also abnormal status or hang-up status of the application through its proactive response monitoring.

Complete monitoring with easy & unified tools

Feature Specification
Enables to monitor Windows and Linux system with integrated viewer
Intuitive GUI for clustering configuration to prevent setting mistake
Cluster configuration can be extracted to configuration file which can be applied to another cluster
Various resolution methods to prevent Split-Brain (*)
Realize accurate alive monitoring against other servers by multiple use of heartbeat path (LAN heatbeat, COM heartbeat, Disk Heartbeat and LAN Kernel heartbeat)
  • (*)

    Split-Brain is the condition where two or more nodes in the cluster becomes active due to disconnection of all the network between nodes.

Fast, efficient & cost effective

Feature Specification
Enables to transfer data by compress before sending it to network. Average 50% reduction I data size as compared to the normal transfer.
Quick resynchronization by Fast Sync Technology
Copies only updated blocks (differential mirroring feature) at the time of recovery of failed server.
Green IT Enabled
By reducing stand-by server CPU clock, user can save on power consumed by standby server around 20%, leading to lower cost of operations and greener IT.