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Getting OEM Partner Relationship

EXPRESSCLUSTER X is the leading High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution. Its 20 years of experience and deployments to 30,000+ customers  worldwide proves our expertise on high availability clustering.

OEM partnership

EXPRESSCLUSTER has been named by the global leading companies as their OEM product. With it highly flexible and reliable features, EXPRESSCLUSTER X contributes to the OEM partners’ business by offering further benefits to their customers.

Branding enhancement

By additionally introducing HA or DR features of EXPRESSCLUSTER X under your brand, you will be able to offer further benefits to your customers and will also enhance your solution brands.

The first OEM agreement for EXPRESSCLUSTER was in 2005. OEM agreement so far has been contracted with lots of Hardware / Software vendors regardless of their products, scale of business, and country. EXPRESSCLUSTER has been successfully deployed in their products and solutions as their original brand, contributing to value addition to their original offerings.