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EXPRESSCLUSTER X brings further “Peace of mind” to customers with its flexibility and reliability.

Ultimate High Availability Solution

EXPRESSCLUSTER’s 20 years of experience and deployments to 30,000+ customers  worldwide proves our expertise on high availability clustering.

Reliable, Flexible, and Leading-Edge

Because of today’s diversity of IT technology, customers have variety of options for IT environment.  Even for those many and different kind of requirements, EXPRESSCLUSTER’s flexibility will offer capabilities of high reliability for customers’ critical business.

Multiple Cluster Scenarios

EXPRESSCLUSTER has wide variety of features enabling high availability and disaster recovery to your customers’ IT system. It gives multiple options for HA clustering scenarios which are Shared Disk clustering, Data Mirroring clustering, and  Hybrid clustering which flexibly fit the customers’ requirements.

Wide Support of Operating Systems

EXPRSSCLUSTER supports both Windows and Linux with common graphical interface which helps customers to simplify cluster management in multi-OS systems. It also has almost no hardware and application dependency which means any kind of open systems can be protected by EXPRESSCLUSTER.

Virtualization Supported

One of the most important thing which you should take into account when considering virtualization is that server consolidation also brings higher business continuity risk. For the challenge, EXPRESSCLUSTER already supports major virtualization technologies such as VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer, KVM, PowerPC, and Solaris Container. EXPRESSCLUSTER will offer highly added values as a HA / DR software in any situation.

Global Support Network

Our global support network is always ready to support you in terms of pre-sales and post-sale. Our expertise and knowledge accumulated  through 20 years of experience will bring you further customer satisfaction and relief at a global level.