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Getting ISV Partner Relationship

Market-proven quality and reliability of EXPRESSCLUSTER has been led to lots of businesses by global ISV companies.

EXPRESSCLUSTER protects business critical applications

In order to achieve your business continuity planning, one of the most important thing is to ensure the business critical applications to be always up-and-running.

EXPRESSCLUSTER X, the award winning solution offers High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR), as well as data protection and maximizes your system uptime.


EXPRESSCLUSTER has market-proven high availability / disaster recovery feature which has been contributing to support customer’s business continuity for more than 20 years. By leveraging EXPRESSCLUSTER, ISV partners will be able to offer reliable and flexible HA/DR capability for your customers.

Value added product for ISV partners

EXPRESSCLUSTER has been verified with various ISV applications from various industries covering wide regions and countries. The verified applications includes both common business applications and industry specific applications like Physical Security, Hospital Management Application, and Logistics Management application etc. By integrating EXPRESSCLUSTER with your business applications, you will be able to achieve much higher competitiveness and large benefit.