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Reasons to Choose NEC

Cluster WebUI Console
Cluster WebUI Console

Today's demanding business world requires speed regardless economic situation.

Therefore server system failure could case serious business disruption and damage.

NEC's EXPRESSCLUSTER solutions can improve your servers' robustness with reliability, flexibility and leading edge highly available technology.


EXPRESSCLUSTER can enable up to 99.99% up time for business applications.

The product family has been continuously enhanced to meet stringent Japanese and global market requirements since its initial release in 1996.

EXPRESSCLUSTER is the market leader with No.1 market share in Asia Pacific since last 8 years and counting(*), covering wide range of applications and platforms.

* Source: IDC Asia/Pacific Quarterly Semiannual Software Tracker, 2016 (AP42607517)


EXPRESSCLUSTER is a scalable High Availability (HA) clustering solution. It can cluster up to 32 nodes and supports your IT system environment with host of flexible functions.

EXPRESSCLUSTER is well fit with complex LAN and WAN environment, comprising of physical and virtual servers as well as multiple cluster configuration.

Almost any application/database running on Windows or Linux platforms can be protected and covered by EXPRESSCLUSTER.


EXPRESSCLUSTER is designed to support latest technologies. EXPRESSCLUSTER is one of the first software to demonstrate clustering on Microsoft Hyper-V Platform. It also supports other standard virtualization platforms like VMware vSphere, KVM and Xen.

EXPRESSCLUSTER is the first clustering software to implement Hybrid Clustering, i.e. mirroring of data in a shared disk for both LAN and WAN Environments.

In order to respond to the environmental issues, EXPRESSCLUSTER also provides power management functions to enable Green IT systems.