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Solutions - EXPRESSCLUSTER X + SUSE Linux Enterprise

NEC’s High Availability software, EXPRESSCLUSTER X 3.0 is now certified and supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. The combination of these best-of-breed software products enables fast recovery of your business critical applications and data against hardware, software, and site failures.

Certified information : popuphttps://www.suse.com/susePSC/home


Enhance High Availability for SUSE Linux Enterprise users

With increasing adoption of server virtualization, flexible and unified continuity management of both physical and virtual infrastructures is required to enable comprehensive availability and recovery solutions.

Growing system complexity and Cloud computing trends are driving demand for heterogeneous hypervisor technologies as well as mixed OS environments that must be considered in continuity solutions in order to ensure scalability and reliability of critical IT services.

EXPRESSCLUSTER X and SUSE Linux Enterprise enable cost effective solutions to address these emerging IT challenges.

High Availability for Mixed-OS Environment

  • EXPRESSCLUSTER X supports multiple editions of Windows Server as well as SUSE Linux Enterprise.
  • EXPRESSCLUSTER X provides integrated management of multiple cluster systems regardless of OS to enable unified management of heterogeneous systems in a single console.
High Availability for Mixed-OS Environment

High Availability for Mixed-Hypervisor Environment

  • EXPRESSCLUSTER X supports broad range of hypervisors including ;
    VMware ESX, Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, XenServer, Xen, KVM, Solaris Containers and PowerVM

  • EXPRESSCLUSTER X supports both guest OS clustering & hypervisor clustering.
  • Enables integrated cluster management with single view
High Availability for Mixed-Hypervisor Environment

Disaster Recovery Solution for SUSE Linux Enterprise

  • EXPRESSCLUSTER Xsupports flexible WAN deployment to enable disaster recovery solutions with application failover and synchronous / asynchronous data mirroring.
  • Fast automated application and data recovery for SUSE Linux Enterprise based system across different sites to minimize system disruption due to site disasters.
Disaster Recovery Solution for SUSE Linux Enterprise