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EXPRESSCLUSTER for Cloud Business Operators

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EXPRESSCLUSTER X is the leading High Availability Clustering solution which offers reliable & cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution.

Ultimate High Availability Solution

EXPRESSCLUSTER’s 20 years of experience and deployments to 30,000+ customers  worldwide proves our expertise on high availability clustering.


Data Centers are now the key players providing more ROI effective solution to the customers. Through this paradigm shift to the “Cloud”, more and more business-critical systems are assumed to run on cloud service platform.

EXPRESSCLUSTER X can be the one which protects those critical workloads and ensure the service to be kept up and running. With its remote clustering feature, EXPRESSCLUSTER X can also be the disaster recovery solution between customer site and data center (DR site) managed by cloud service provider.

Virtualization In Cloud Platform

Today, many Data Centers and organizations are considering the introduction of server virtualization. However, one of the most important thing which you should take into account when considering virtualization is that server consolidation also brings higher business continuity risk.

For the challenge, EXPRESSCLUSTER already supports major virtualization technologies such as VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, KVM, PowerPC, and Solaris Container. EXPRESSCLUSTER will offer highly added values as a HA / DR software in any situation.

Virtual Environment by AWS / Microsoft Azure

EXPRESSCLUSTER X enables the configuration of HA (High Availability) clustering in a virtual environment provided by AWS / Microsoft Azure. This allows more critical business operations to be implemented on AWS / Microsoft Azure and provides users with more system configuration choices.