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NEC’s Cutting Edge Technologies

Technology Vision

We are transforming social issues into social values along the three axes

Digital twins for co-creation and trials of the future
AI that works with people and permeates society
Platform to support environmental friendliness,high reliability and high efficiency

Direction of R&D

Research and Development Division of NEC may be slightly different from what are considered ordinary corporate laboratories.Although they were initially established to produce cutting-edge technologies that would contribute to our businesses,


Pursuing Research that Will Elicit "Gratitude" Instead of "Amazement"

Introduction to our latest technologies and use cases

Six Technology Areas and Social Value Creation Process

Six Technology Areas and Social Value Creation Process

Learn more about NEC's R&D

NEC Labs cling to produce cutting-edge research results

Press Releases


June 23, 2023
Yasunori Babazaki, Kota Iwamoto, Katsuhiko Takahashi (Visual Intelligence Research Laboratories), Eisuke Adachi, Makoto Takehara (NEC Solution Innovators) and Jun Kobayashi (Biometrics and Video Analytics Platform Department) received Gold Prize of the 2022 Field Innovation Award of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) for "Development of an Automatic Farmed Fish Measuring System Using Image Recognition AI”.
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June 19, 2023
Takashi Egawa (Former Global Innovation Strategy Division, NEC) received The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) Chairman's Award for "Achievements related to the standardization of AI ethics and trust”.
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