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August 19, 2019

NEC’s research laboratories are responsible for strengthening the technology competencies of the NEC Group.
We are pursuing R&D to pioneer the future with co-creating social values in joint efforts of our globally located research laboratories.


Takes the Central role in NEC R&D, focusing on AI(recognition, analysis), Security, ICT platform, and other cutting-edge technologies, Such as Quantum computing.

Create new social value by realizing prediction, optimization, efficiency more than human by visualization of real world and advanced data analysis

Data Science Research Laboratories

Realize a society where everyone can enjoy safety, security, efficiency and equity through human recognition and authentication

Biometrics Research Laboratories

Create advanced technologies and solutions to protect systems and information from various threats to social infrastructure

Secure System Research Laboratories

Realize social value creation by AI through linking widely distributed processing platforms in the real world efficiently, quickly and flexibly

System Platform Research Laboratories

NEC Global

NEC has R&D bases in 7 locations across the world.
The research laboratories closely collaborate with each other while maintaining the regional strengths including local ecosystems.

Development of cutting-edge core technologies

NEC Laboratories America

R&D through EU projects and standardization activities

NEC Laboratories Europe

Development of core technologies in AI and NW

NEC Laboratories China

Co-creation of innovative solutions with customers and partners, mainly for developed countries.

NEC Laboratories Singapore

Create core technologies to address the challenges of emerging countries

NEC Laboratories Singapore

Promote marketing-type research.

NEC Laboratories Singapore