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March 30, 2020

Six Technology Areas and Social Value Creation Process

NEC is engaged in R&D to create new social value by establishing six technology areas “recognition AI,” “analytics AI,” “control AI,” “system platform,” “communication,” and “security & network.”

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Realizing a deep understanding of humans and things by combining a wide variety of sensors
By applying advanced AI to massive volumes of information, NEC makes it possible to capture deep information such as the internal states of people or the inside of objects which cannot be perceived by humans.
Realizing high level analyses that solve complex and unknown issues in the real world
NEC makes use of its analysis technology to develop precise analysis technology that presents appropriate initiatives for social issues as well as analysis technology that can describe reasons behind these
Realizing collaborative robots that can safely and efficiently perform various work
NEC will safely and efficiently realize complex work that enables humans and machines to collaborate by developing machine control technology using AI.
Streamlining the learning process while managing hardware
NEC will accelerate the AI process by combining cloud and edge processing using a variety of appropriate hardware.
Satisfying diverse needs by integrating AI with communications expertise
NEC will meet such diverse needs by integrating AI which learns from massive volumes of data obtained in the field with modeling and other communications expertise based on physics, engineering, and informatics.
AI, authentication, and encryption technologies ensure the safety and security of life
NEC will expand its analysis automation technology and analysis knowledge that makes use of AI that protects IT systems as well as enhance its authentication and encryption technologies that protect IoT systems and communications networks.