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NEC Labs cling to produce cutting-edge research results

February 22, 2022

NEC's global No,1 technologie's Largely depends on efforts of who are outstanding researshers,also leaders in academic communities.
We want to be the most suitable place for the researchers to achieve No,1 results.

NEC Labs cling to produce cutting-edge research results

Hitoshi Imaoka
World No.1 face recognition technology

Youngest NEC Research Fellow in company history

Ghassan Karame
High-speed blockchain

Ghassan Karame

Mathias Niepert
Graph-based relational learning

Mathias Niepert

Hans Peter Graf
Developer of machine learning platform "Torch"

Hans Peter Graf

Manmohan Chandraker
Computer vision

Manmohan Chandraker

Prominent researchers who retain close ties to NEC

Yann LeCun

Vladimir N. Vapnik

Jaw-Shen Tsai/Yasunobu Nakamura

Ronan Collobert Jason Weston

Kai Yu

Leon Bottou

Yidong Huang

The characteristics of researcher cultivation

NEC stated that they would achieve a target of 300 AI researchers by FY 2018 while maintaining sustainable investments in basic research (FY 2016 IR).
This target was exceeded significantly, with a current number of 470 researchers, and there are plans to strengthen the surrounding areas more in the future.

In 2015, Selective Compensation Program for Professional Researchers was introduced, and a research fellow post was established.
Furthermore, the "Selective Research Professional System", which has no upper limit on remuneration, was introduced for non-managerial positions (young researchers).

The competitiveness of NEC research in academia

World's No.5 in number of research paper acceptances by top international conferences on machine learning *1(since 2000, NEC survey)
Many research papers also accepted by top conferences in the field of AI*2

  • *1
  • *2
    AI in general: IJCAI, AAAI; image recognition: ICCV, ECCV, CVPR, etc.

Many research papers accepted by top conferences on cyber security (ACM CCS, Eurocrypt, IEEE S&P, etc.)

Many research papers consistently accepted by top conferences on optical communications (OFC/ECOC) for more than 30 years

Number of acceptances by top international conferences on machine learning

NEC survey (2000 - 2017)