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MasterScope - Products A-Z

Windows  HP-UX  Solaris  AIX  Linux

A Supported Platforms Product Overview
Application Navigator Windows HP-UX Linux Centralized monitoring utility for applications and middleware.
D Supported Platforms Product Overview
DeploymentManager Windows Linux Deployment software for remotely installing and maintaining OS , software, etc.
I Supported Platforms Product Overview
IT Process Management Windows Linux ITIL-based service management software which helps improve and standardize IT operation processes, deliver high-level services, and reduce TCO.
J Supported Platforms Product Overview
JobCenter Windows HP-UX AIX Linux An enterprise-wide workload automation software solution across a variety of platforms.
M Supported Platforms Product Overview
Windows HP-UX Linux agent
Windows HP-UX Solaris AIX Linux
Service-centric monitoring tools that enable automated recovery.
N Supported Platforms Product Overview
Network Manager Windows Unified network management software for monitoring, maintaining, and building multi-vendor network infrastructure, which ensures stable operation of large-scale complex networks.
Network Flow Analyzer Linux Analyze network traffic, visualize network flow, and maintain stable network operation
S Supported Platforms Product Overview
NEC SigmaSystemCenter manager
Windows Linux
Infrastructure management software which enables the management and dynamic optimization of IT resources such as servers, storage, and network.
SystemManager manager
Windows Linux
Windows HP-UX Solaris AIX Linux
Centralized monitoring software for servers.
SystemManager G manager
Windows Linux
Windows HP-UX Solaris AIX Linux
Unified monitoring tools for service-centric monitoring and automated recovery.
V Supported Platforms Product Overview
Virtual DataCenter Automation Windows Cloud automation software which provides advanced features to manage private, public, and hybrid clouds.
W Supported Platforms Product Overview
WinShare Windows Remote access software which enables you to operate PCs, servers, and other Windows-embedded devices such as POS terminals in remote locations.