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MasterScope - Solutions

As IT systems become more complex and sophisticated, the types of operational problems become more diverse. MasterScope delivers the most effective solutions for our customers.

Continuous Operation Improvement by Enhanced Management Process

  • Improve operations by using ITIL framework.

  • Unified management for customer inquiries.

  • Analyze incidents and identify underlying problems.

  • Remote PC maintenance

  • Remote desktop sharing to support or educate unskilled users

Improve Efficiency and Quality by Automation

  • Manage increasing batch processes efficiently.

  • Visualize the status of running jobs.

  • Seamless management for on-premise and cloud environments.

  • Minimize the impact of system failure or overload by automated recovery.

  • Maintain system health by monitoring virtualization platform.

  • Illustrate the relation between ICT resources and services and the impact of failures with topology view.

  • Automate OS deployment on physical servers.

  • Complete recovery by backing up and restoring a whole disk image.

  • Integrated management and automation of IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, and network.

  • Integrate currently separated IT resources and maximize them by operation standardization and automation.

  • Allow users to deploy IT resources and operate them easily.

Maintain System Health by Monitoring

  • Monitor all aspects of IT infrastructure, including servers, network devices, and applications.
  • Show the affected services in the event of a system failure.

  • Real-time monitoring of applications, including databases, groupware, and web servers, on a single screen.
  • Monitor services and processes of critical applications

  • Visualize network topology and the impact of system failures.

  • Backup and restore network device configuration.

  • Display the status of network ports.