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MasterScope Case Studies

MasterScope products have been applied in a wide variety of companies and industries. More case studies in Japanese.

Ricoh Japan Corporation

Approximately 20% reduction in operational cost with the adoption of cloud services for customers

MasterScope JobCenter

Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Improved management efficiency of the backbone network spanning 330 locations and over 2,500 different network devices.

MasterScope Network Manager

Nagasaki City

Open shared platform to optimize and improve operational efficiency, reducing costs and developing better citizen services.

MasterScope JobCenter

MasterScope SystemManager

Sysmex Shanghai

Achieved business continuity and scalability with new SAP system platform on NEC blade servers and management software to maximize the efficiency.

NEC SigmaSystemCenter

All Nippon Airways

Approximately 70 mission-critical systems were transferred to a new infrastructure and integrated monitoring system, enabling ANA to respond quickly to changes, improve the IT service stability, and enhance competitiveness.


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