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MasterScope Application Navigator End-of-life

Application Management software

Application Navigator has been stopped shipment since 31st August 2018.

Application Navigator has been stopped shipment because the products has been integrated into SystemManager G.

End of the support date is 31st August 2028.
Charge-free version up is available under product support contract.

For further information, please contact to NEC sales person or contact

Application Navigator

MasterScope Application Navigator can detect and report performance degradations at an early stage by monitoring the detailed operating states of the middleware used in your systems. MasterScope Application Navigator provides centralized monitoring console to show the operating status across all applications and databases.

MasterScope Application Navigator can be easily installed by following the GUI instructions, and can also start monitoring immediately.

It also comes with a set of default monitoring templates, which contains the typical application monitoring configurations.

By applying default templates, you can easily start baseline monitoring in minutes.

Have you encountered these problems?

  • Conventional disk resource monitoring cannot detect application specific resource problems.
  • Performance issue may be caused by various reasons. e.g.) low cache hit rate, high buffer busy rate.

MasterScope Application Navigator can help you to detect and solve these problems.

To ensure stable operation of your systems, it is essential to monitor the detailed states of each application and middleware. But monitoring criteria differ from one application to the other, such as which services or process are to be monitor, what kind of event log messages are to be watched for, where the errors are logged on (whether they are logged on each application-specific log files or not), which command to use to obtain application specific performance counters, etc.. Researching such kind of information is time consuming task for the administrators.

MasterScope Application Navigator provides:

  • Default template to assist you to decide which log and performance counters are to be monitored,
  • Easy-to-use GUI to select application specific performance counters to monitor detailed states of applications, middleware, and the OS.
  • Knowledgebase feature to guide operators what are the application specific error message states and the various possible solutions for them, (Specially, when an issue reoccurs).

MasterScope Application Navigator will help you to proactively detect potential problems and quickly identify the cause of all the performance issues.