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MasterScope JobCenter

Driving Jobs Across Open Environments

IT systems in business are steadily changing from mainframe environments to open system environments to run databases, billing applications, and a number of other tasks.

The role played by Job management in these systems is just as large as in mainframe environments.

While open systems like UNIX include certain methods for job management such as running batch files and scheduled jobs with cron, these methods do not match the capabilities of true job management.

NEC Corporation offers JobCenter – a true multi-platform job management, in a versatile and easy to use package.

Have you encountered these problems?

Processing volumes have increased due to system expansion, leading to more human error.

Manual batch processing is error-prone. Sometimes, people just forget to run the process. In addition, a lot of work is needed to manually perform regular processing or operations with complicated procedures. Automation of certain operations enables to increase operational efficiency and reduce operation costs.

JobCenter prevents procedural errors and runs processes reliably by automating cumbersome work such as backup processing according to a schedule and a workflow.

Detecting job abnormalities, analyzing causes, and identifying the affects take a long time. As a result, these incidents affect business operations.

The status of jobs must be constantly monitored and the administrator needs to know which jobs run on which servers, affecting which operations.

JobCenter displays jobs in categories such as operation, division, or importance from the operator's viewpoint so that you can immediately ascertain which operations are affected when a job is abnormally terminated. This allows early response and reduces the restoration time.

Job flows created by using standard OS tools are difficult to change and manage.

Multiple standard OS tools must be used to create a job in a multi-platform environment. Because the execution control methods differ depending on operating systems, each job must be created separately in many cases. To reduce this labor-intensive work and increase productivity, it is necessary to unify these tools and reduce the time required to handle cumbersome operation flow changes.

JobCenter supports multi-platforms, realizing flexible job execution control/management in a heterogeneous environment. In addition, JobCenter allows users to use a variety of control components and Excel (which most users are familiar with) to efficiently edit or register jobs when creating a job flow.

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