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Technology Utilization and Use Cases

Examples of Utilization of Intellectual Property Rights

This page will highlight a number of real-life examples of NEC’s intellectual property being utilized to support world-class technologies. Our goal is to build the world’s No. 1 patent portfolio by 2025 in NEC’s three key business areas: biometric authentication, video recognition, and analysis and prescription AI.

Biometric Authentication

NEC has been at the forefront of biometric authentication for over fifty years. By integrating various technologies such as face, iris, fingerprint, palmprint, finger vein, and ear acoustic recognition, our aim is to create a world where digital technology is used with confidence by an increasingly digitized society and we are committed to creating solutions that embodies safety, security, and convenience.

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    Deployment regions: Approx. 70 countries and regions worldwide
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    Total number of international patent applications filed: Ranked 1st*
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    U.S. patent count × Rights holder score: Ranked 3rd*
    We plan to increase the score and count in line with business development.
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* As of November 2022 (according to our research)

Video Recognition

We believe that by combining biometric authentication technology which is used to identify individuals using biological data, and video analysis technology, which analyzes the movements and surrounding context of individuals, will lead to the creation of more personalized and advanced value. By making individual surroundings visible and enhancing hospitality for regional revitalization, we aim to broaden the application of video analysis technology in various social contexts. Our hope is that this approach will contribute to greater safety, security, and convenience within society.

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    Total number of international patent applications filed: Ranked 1st
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    U.S. patent count × Rights holder score: Ranked 5th
    Leveraging our advantageous position in e patent filings, we will strengthen our score.
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Analysis and Prescription AI

NEC’s goal is not to merely develop an “impressive AI” but rather on developing an “AI that is truly beneficial”. By utilizing a variety of technologies and insights, we strive to become a leading company in providing and managing AI solutions that are truly beneficial to our customers and society. NEC has also featured and recognized in new windowAI-related reports by globally renowned research firms such as IDC and Forrester.

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    Total number of international patent applications filed: Ranked 6th
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    U.S. patent count × Right holder score: Ranked 22nd
    We aim to be No. 1 in the domain of growth businesses.
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Contribution to New Business and Collaborative Creation

We also support new businesses and co-creation activities through our focus on intellectual property.

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