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Reliable AI maximizes human power

Use cases that show the benefits of introducing AI

To address social issues that are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, NEC, by combining a variety of AI technologies from NEC the WISE, a suite of cutting-edge AI technologies, can flexibly and rapidly respond to diversified situations.

Automatic determination brings greater efficiency to product inspection while buying behavior analysis optimizes the product display at stores.


Cashier-less stores eliminate the labor shortage and demand prediction optimizes profit.


Illegal or fraudulent transaction monitoring and loan screening are streamlined.


Preventive maintenance with infrastructure anomaly detection and road surface inspection provide safety and security of people’s lives.

Public safety

Passenger ticket sale prediction brings maximum profit while high-level methods of maintaining railroad facilities improve the efficiency of maintenance work.

Traffic and transportation

Analysis of health examination data promotes advanced self-care behaviors of people.


AI chatbots and digital assistance systems improve work efficiency and the utilization of human resources data enhances employee engagement.

Work style

Brand analysis facilitates new product development and matching products and customers maximizes sales.


Many introduction cases
Why is NEC the WISE chosen?

The products and services utilizing NEC the WISE have been adopted and used by a large number of companies and organizations in a wide range of fields and businesses such as manufacturing, retailing, logistics, and public services. NEC is committed to making those products and services continue to be leveraged after being implemented through the research, planning, and verification phases. We develop top-class AI technologies and offer high value-added solutions for customers and society. Those include human resource training services in addition to products and services which derive from "explainable AI” in other words, “White Box AI” that shows the reasons leading to the results generated by AI (i.e. the basis for the judgment).

Rich lineup: NEC flexibly and rapidly addresses any situation by combining the various AI technologies.
Responsible AI: We provide White Box AI that presents easy-to-understand reasons for predictions, as well as reliable and high-quality AI products designed to ensure respect for human rights, and those beneficial features underpin the AI implementation to society.
Human resources for AI: We offer training programs to develop human resources who can implement AI in many types of businesses. Consulting services are also available by our versatile data analysts.

Introduction cases

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Making Spacecraft Production Smarter With AI-based
System Invariant Analysis Technology (SIAT)

Products and services

NEC provides platforms needed to bring the best out of AI performance, along with products and services utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies, NEC the WISE: RAPID machine learning (deep learning) with high speed and light load features, facial recognition technology that boasts the world’s top class recognition accuracy, and other products.

NEC has been named as a ‘Major Player’ in worldwide AI services
NEC has been positioned as a “Major Player” in in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AI Services 2021 Vendor Assessment (Doc # US46741921, May 2021)

Collaborate with AI more closely and enjoyably!

NEC the WISE assists human activities also by participating in various collaborations with people and organizations to aim at bringing things into society which had been thought difficult or impossible. Here is an example of our original challenges using AI.

Our thought expressed by the name and logo of NEC the WISE

“The WISE” of “NEC the WISE” means “wise persons”, to which NEC’s powerful AI technologies are likened. This represents the idea that humans and wise persons collaborate to solve the increasingly complex and sophisticated problems confronting society with advanced wisdom. The brand logo comprises a triangular pyramid with a cube in the center. The cube expresses the core of wisdom accumulated by AI. The simple and acute angle triangular pyramid symbolizes a firmly driven wedge as a cornerstone for future evolution.

NEC the WISE logo

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