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Utilization: Generating Revenue and Supporting the Business Through Strategic Use of Intellectual Property.

NEC’s Intellectual Property Management Division: Patent Strategy

Expanding the Use of Intellectual Property to Contribute to Management

Through external activities such as licensing, transferring, and assignment of intellectual property, and participation in patent pools, NEC’s Licensing Department contributes to NEC’s business through enhancing the company’s revenues.

From the perspective of intellectual property contracts, we provide support in the development of new business and in the expansion of growth businesses. Additionally, we actively engage in internal consulting and external negotiations to ensure that NEC’s intellectual property is effectively utilized in our business operations.

photograph:Konda Hirotake
Intellectual Property Management Division, NEC
Department Manager of Licensing Department
(Senior Director)
Konda Hirotake

There are numerous ways to utilize intellectual property -- patents, for instance, not only demonstrate our technological strength but also serves to prevent and deter the imitation of our technologies. However, merely possessing patents and other forms of intellectual property does not fully capitalize on their potential value. If you license these assets to other companies, you can generate revenue from that, or use them to kickstart new business ventures. Our department plays a vital role in contributing to enhancing NEC’s management strategy by utilizing intellectual property across a range of scenarios.

At NEC, we proactively license patents and other intellectual property that are instrumental and contribute to societal development and market expansion. However, unrestricted licensing of any and all patents could lead to diminishing NEC’s competitive advantages in the industry. In collaboration with both the Intellectual Property Management Division and our business units, we strategically select intellectual property for licensing, guided by studying and analyzing the latest societal trends and future forecasts.

NEC respects the intellectual property of others as much as possible and similarly expects our own intellectual property to be respected.  Because of that, should any unauthorized use of NEC’s intellectual property become evident, there may be times where we may need to engage with tough negotiations -- with the possibility of legal action -- as a necessary step to safeguard our business.

Recently, the development of new ventures and collaborations with startups centered around intellectual property has gained increasing importance. We assist our customers and partners in their business endeavors by advising on the value of NEC’s intellectual property and through management of our IP contracts. This endeavor requires a wide range of knowledge and keen business insight.

As we continuously refine our skills, we are exploring a variety of new applications for a diverse range of intellectual property that extends beyond just patents.

Three Pillars of the Intellectual Property Management Division