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Creation: Creating Intellectual Property in Tandem with Business Operations

NEC’s Intellectual Property Management Division: Patent Strategy

Promoting the Creation of Intellectual Property to Enhance Corporate Value.

To contribute to enhancing NEC’s global corporate value, Development Promotion Department transforms innovations created by NEC into intellectual property. We promote the development of inventions with future applications in mind and the activities of securing intellectual property rights. The intellectual property we create is developed into a global portfolio, focusing on enhancing its quality and maintaining a proper quantity through strategic management.

In intellectual property utilization, we are responsible for managing areas related to patented technology and we closely collaborate with our Licensing Department and Litigation and Counsel Department to contribute to NEC’s business opportunities and to promote the proper distribution of our technologies.

photograph:Imoto Fumio
Intellectual Property Management Division, NEC
Department Manager, Development Promotion Department
(Senior Director)
Imoto Fumio

From the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space, NEC is a global company that provides a wide range of values to customers across various sectors worldwide.
NEC create innovative technologies and address societal issues through digital transformation (DX) in society, life, and various industries. Development Promotion Department creates intellectual property that supports the creation and sustained growth of NEC’s businesses.

Development Promotion Department’s endeavors include supporting the development of inventions and the acquisition of patents based on insight of future utilization of such patents. We are also responsible for securing trademark rights worldwide to protect NEC’s brand and design rights in order to safeguard our product designs globally. From the early stages of business and research projects, we proactively engage with business divisions and research labs and provide advice on which aspects of intellectual property should be patented.

Intellectual property is a crucial strategic assets that promotes co-creation with our customers and partners. We collaborate with various divisions to determine which intellectual properties can enhance co-creation and how to utilize them to build trust with customers and partners. Our initiatives also include public relations campaigns to inform customers about NEC’s strong technologies by showcasing them through patents.

In the area of patents, we strategically identify and focus on specific fields, aiming to develop a high-quality and appropriately-sized patent portfolio that represents NEC as a whole. We are strengthening our IP activities in overseas laboratories and local subsidiaries and have teams in the U.S., Britain, Germany, and China. To improve the quality of our patents, we engage in detailed discussions to refine them, thereby enhancing their objective evaluations. NEC is actively involved in standardization activities, particularly in areas such as global 5G, and is committed to acquiring more standard essential patents (SEP) stemming from these activities. In our key business sectors, such as biometrics, video recognition, and analysis and prescription AI fields, we aim to create a globally respected patent portfolio by 2025, grounded in objective quality assessments and volume of patents.

Three Pillars of the Intellectual Property Management Division