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Stakeholder Communications

Through dialog and cooperation with the various stakeholders, NEC endeavors to understand the fundamental issues of customers and society as a whole, and will continue working with them to establish a solid trust relationship. With its stakeholders, NEC will create and offer new value in its effort to solve social issues.
CSR Report 2017 describes case examples of such dialog and cooperation as follows:

Dialog with Stakeholders Aimed at Identifying Materiality

NEC has been pursuing initiatives to enhance sustainable management via dialog with stakeholders, as emphasized in the ISO 26000, a guidance on social responsibility.

Communication with stakeholders is very important also in the process of identifying materiality (priority themes towards sustainable development) while taking the expectations of society into consideration.

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Dialog and Co-Creation with our Diverse Stakeholders

“Orchestrating a brighter world” is NEC’s brand statement that demonstrates the company’s resolve to finding solutions to worldwide social issues and realizing a global society where everyone has the opportunity to lead lives that are positive and enriching.

To that end, we think it very important to sense social trends through dialog and co-creation with a variety of stakeholders.

  • Partnership with International Organizations to Combat Global Pandemics
    <United Nations/International Organizations>
  • Pro bono regional revitalization initiative <NPO/NGO>
  • Barrier-free survey at Mita Station – Coordination with Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    <Local Communities>
  • Conserving “copera tokyoensis” (an endangered species)<Local Communities>
  • Collaboration Project with the Waseda Playhouse<Local Communities>
  • Workshop to find social issues using<Employees>

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Cooperation with the Communities

The NEC Group Corporate Philosophy was established in 1990 in the belief that “NEC strives through "C&C" to help advance societies worldwide toward deepened mutual understanding and the fulfillment of human potential.” This philosophy lays down NEC’s intention to contribute to society through C&C, in other words, through ICT—NEC’s core line of business.

NEC will contribute to the realization of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the closely aligned “Seven Themes for Social Value Creation,” through ICT, its core line of business. Likewise, with each and every member of NEC acting as a “good corporate citizen,” NEC will promote social contribution activities aimed at providing medium- to long-term solutions to social issues. The NEC Group’s activities for contributing to society through the “NEC Make-a-Difference Drive” are carried out under four themes, namely, “Education, Culture and Sports,” “Welfare and Diversity,” “Environment,” and “Regional Contribution Activities.”

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