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In 2014, we introduced a new brand message — Orchestrating a Brighter World — that reflected our ongoing commitment to working to ensure the safety, security, efficiency and equality of society, perfectly encapsulating the overarching goal of our globally deployed Solutions for Society businesses. Since then, our expertly tailored solutions have shed new light on a wide range of social issues. Catering to the security and social requirements of government agencies and public services, our sophisticated surveillance systems to provide powerful disaster and crime prevention solutions. Click on the link below to take a look at the top 10 stories from 2014 that were accessed between April and November 2018.

Big Data Analytics in the Cloud - System Invariant Analysis Technology Pierces the Anomaly -

The system invariant analysis technology automatically creates behavior models from various systems by extracting the relationships which are invariant in normal system operation. It enables the early detection of a system’s anomaly behavior. It helps to improve availability of information and communication technology (ICT) systems such as the cloud computing systems. Moreover, it also helps to optimize the maintenance cost by enabling failure prediction of electric power plants, structural health monitoring of bridges, etc. and improves safety and reliability of the systems performing as social infrastructures. This paper outlines the system as a big data analysis technology and considers analysis applications in the cloud.

Phase Change Cooling and Heat Transport Technologies Contribute to Power Saving

The global warming issue has resulted in the social need to save electrical power in order to reduce the load on the global environment that grows daily. This paper introduces actual case studies from NEC’s unique R&D of high-efficiency rack cooling technologies for the IT equipment installed at data centers. The proposed solutions will increase the rack densities and decrease the power consumptions for cooling.

Infrared Camera Image Processing Technology and Examples of Applications

As the cost of infrared cameras comes down and their performance goes up, demand is surging and user requirements are becoming ever more diversified. As the market for infrared cameras continues to expand, these cameras are now being widely deployed as non-destructive inspection devices to ensure public safety and security. This paper discusses the image processing technology used to obtain the higher resolution required for non-destructive inspection and looks at different examples of infrared camera applications.

Smart Water Management Technology with Intelligent Sensing and ICT for the Integrated Water Systems

The increasing demand for water arising from global population growth and urbanization in recent years is stressing the water supply to its limits. On the other hand, water infrastructure such as pipes has been deteriorating due to aging. Under these conditions, new technologies in the water infrastructure have been required to enable the distribution of high quality water to users in a safe and cost-effective manner, from the perspective of efficiently using our world’s precious water resources. The NEC Group is collaborating with Imperial College London to develop a Smart Water Management System based on ICT to operate the water infrastructure more efficiently. This article introduces our efforts.

KUMURA Takahiro, SUZUKI Naofumi, TAKAHASHI Masatake
TOMINAGA Shin, MORIOKA Sumio, Ivan Stoianov
(NEC Technical Journal, Vol.9, No.1 January 2015, Special Issue on Solutions for Society - Creating a Safer and More Secure Society)

Integrated Operation and Management Platform for Efficient Administration by Automating Operations

The high quality/low price provision of cloud services need not only an advanced system configuration but also require efficiency improvement and automation of the operation of the system platform itself. This paper describes an integrated operation and management platform that contributes to operations cost reductions and service quality improvements of the NEC Cloud IaaS. These improvements are achieved by means of various functions including the system platform configuration/management function, the access management function, the auto voice escalation function and the normality check function.

Cloud-based SI for Improving the Efficiency of SI in the Cloud Computing by Means of Model-Based Sizing and Configuration Management

With the arrival of the age of cloud computing, the system integration platforms are changing from the servers and storages of the on-premise age to become virtualized cloud platforms. This paper introduces the SI technologies of the cloud age, which is improving efficiencies in estimation, development, sizing, testing, and rollout of production environment by applying automation technologies that are taking advantage of the features of the cloud system. We focus on the overall picture, including the model-based design support technology (CARDO), configuration management technology (Alchemy) and on template based provisioning.

SHIMAMURA Hisashi, YANOO Kazuo, KAJIKI Yoshihiro, KURODA Takayuki, NAKANOYA Manabu
(NEC Technical Journal, Vol.9, No.2 June 2015, Special Issue on Future Cloud Platforms for ICT Systems)

Data Center Service That Supports Cloud Infrastructure

Data centers play a key role in supporting today’s information society. Building on NEC’s 30 years of experience in data center operation, we opened NEC’s new flagship data center - the NEC Kanagawa Data Center - in January 2014. In this paper, we describe the management technology and systems incorporated in the NEC Kanagawa Data Center, which features a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) - the principal index for measuring the energy efficiency of data centers - of just 1.26, which is one of the best ratings in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. In addition to its reduced energy requirements, the NEC Kanagawa Data Center is optimally located in an area less disaster-prone than elsewhere, while being easily accessible from central Tokyo. Specially designed to support the NEC Cloud IaaS cloud platform, the NEC Kanagawa Data Center accommodates 3,000 racks and is equipped with comprehensive, highly redundant security measures.

Scalable Resource Disaggregated Platform That Achieves Diverse and Various Computing Services

As usage of the cloud expands, cloud data centers will need to be able to accommodate a wide range of services including not only office applications but also on-premises services and in the future, the Internet of Things (IoT). To meet these needs, it requires the ability to simultaneously handle multiple demands for data storage, networks, numerical analysis, and image processing from various users This paper introduces a Resource Disaggregated Platform that will make it possible to perform computation by allocating devices from a resource pool at the device level and to scale up individual performance and functionality. By using standard conventional hardware and software resources to build these disaggregated computer systems, it is possible to deliver faster, more powerful, and more reliable computing solutions effectively that will meet growing customer demand for performance and flexibility.

YOSHIKAWA Takashi, KAN Masaki, TAKAHASHI Masahiko, MIYAKAWA Shinya, HIDAKA Yoichi, ABE Shinji
(NEC Technical Journal, Vol.9, No.2 June 2015, Special Issue on Future Cloud Platforms for ICT Systems)

SDN Compatible UNIVERGE PF Series Supports Large-Scale Data Centers by Automating IT System Management

This paper introduces the SDN-compatible UNIVERGE PF Series. It highlights the enhanced functions, adopted technologies and application advantages aimed at large-scale IT system platforms. The UNIVERGE PF Series features functional enhancements such as ample scalability and improved usability. In addition to OpenFlow technology, the UNIVERGE PF Series also supports overlay technology, integrated network operation and management functions. They have been adopted by the NEC Cloud IaaS. This paper describes the product’s functions, configurations and their linkage methods. It also introduces the distributed control and integrated operation employed for virtual networks.

"NEC Stadium Solutions" Played a Critical Role in Construction of the World Cup

NEC played a critical role in the stadium construction projects for the World Cup, integrating and delivering ICT systems into a single optimized infrastructure. Using these projects examples, this paper discusses NEC’s expertise in contributing to integration and management on a global scale via our “Solutions for Society” business.

FUJINAGA Seiji, Francisco Yoshihiro YAMAMOTO, Claudia Yokoo EGUTI
FUKUNAGA Kouichi, SAKAMOTO Shuusaku, KODA Takuya, KOBAYASHI Tetsuro
(NEC Technical Journal, Vol.9, No.1 January 2015, Special Issue on Solutions for Society - Creating a Safer and More Secure Society)