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Products & Solutions


image of Computers

Solutional and hardware offering meeting the customer business environments and requirements.

image of Data Storage

Delivering a high performance, superior scalability and data resiliency storage options and solutions.

image of Embedded Systems

Embedded system meeting business requirements with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

image of Network Products

Meeting network system requirements with both traditional and latest technologies.

image of Software

Software and platforms solutions for various business environments with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

image of Unified Communications

Business communication with it's renowned history of delivering quality business phone worldwide.

Display & Digital Signage


image of AI (Artificial intelligence)

AI put into practical use contributing to the society of the IoT era and business by utilizing bigdata.

image of Biometric Authentication

Leading biometric authentication technologies applicable for numerous interfaces and touchpoints.

image of Cloud

Comprehensive cloud solutions from highly adaptable applications to platforms and data centers.

image of DX design consulting service

Supporting the digital transformation acceleration with our unique design services and prototyping.

image of 5G

Comprehensive product and services suite delivering on the real promise of 5G through a truly open approach.

image of Safety

Technologies and solutions for public safety and cyber security combining technology, safety and convenience.

image of Secure Computation

Delivering computational processing in a secure encrypted data computing environment.

image of Smart City

NEC's Safer Cities concept delivering collaborative output with partners in key statistical industries and sectors.


image of Aerospace

Space systems and projects dating back to 1956 delivering the first rocket telemetry transmitter-receiver system.

image of Agriculture

Both innovative and latest agricultural operations and solutions utilizing AI and data analytics delivering smart farming.

image of Aviation

Providing seamless, secure, and efficient solutions from airport operators, airlines and governments across the globe.

image of Broadcasting

Leading the industry since 1923, providing the latest innovative studio and transmission solutions for the broadcast community.

image of Finance

Latest answers and offerings in meeting the sustainability and inclusion requirements for digital finance.

image of Government

Digitalization combining both key technologies and assets meeting the latest governmental digital services.

image of Healthcare

Supporting both our society and healthcare science through AI and other digital technologies.

image of Hospitality

Smart Hospitality solutions transforming both the guest experience, as well as the operational deliverables.

image of Logistics

Delivering visibility into global logistics with accuracy and efficiency streamlining the required operations.

image of Manufacturing

Latest business system and solutions meeting specific industrial requirements and tasks in specific operations.

image of Retail

Innovative solutions with leading-edge ICT from consultation, implementation to deployment and beyond.

image of Telecom

Transforming wireless networks into dynamic, life-changing pathways of connectivity and capability.

image of Transportation

Safe, secure and seamless transportation solutions with the latest technologies meeting the customer requirements.