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No.4 (December, 2010) Special Issue on Total Eco-Solution for Office

Vol.5 No.4 (December, 2010)

Special Issue on Total Eco-Solution for Office

Energy-saving ICT equipment

UMETSU Masakazu ・YANAGISAWA Tsunenori ・SAITO Hiromi ・SUZUKI Akitsugu ・

A long time has now elapsed since environmental concerns became an important issue of the business domain. Power saving for the PCs that occupy a significant share among office IT equipment still remains one of the most important considerations.In 2010, NEC set a target of halving its power consumption from the 2005 level. Since then, the corporation has been tackling power saving of PCs and the reduction of CO2 emissions from various viewpoints, including those from a hardware perspective such as redesigning circuitry as well as from a software perspective such as for incorporation of the “ECO mode” with which the power setting can be changed by a one-touch operation.This paper introduces the measures being applied by NEC in order to save the electrical energy consumed by PCs in the business environment.

Work style innovation


To meet the worldwide trend in eco-promotion, this paper introduces the prospect of reducing CO2 emitted during the movement of humans in the office environment and discusses efficiency improvements in office functions. We propose construction of a “ubiquitous office” environment via the introduction of our innovative softphone (UNIVERGE Soft Client SP350) and mobile phone (UNIVERGE Keitai-Portal) infrastructures.

The NEC Tamagawa Solutions Center started its operations as an eco-friendly building in May, 2010. It also introduced ICT (Information Communications Technology) equipment and solutions as a state-of-the-art office model in order to become a “Total Eco-Solution for Office”. By implementing innovative work styles it expects to halve CO2 emissions and to reduce the operational cost by 300 to 400 million yen per annum. In the case study discussed below, while improving office job efficiencies and staff motivation in the work place, the model also impresses by how smoothly it is able to transform an office facility into an up-to-the-minute working environment as well as by how much it can motivate staff commitment. We are planning to launch the results obtained from this case study in order to challenge the requests of our customers.

Facility energy saving

HARA Akihiro ・TAKAYAMA Naohisa ・KOBAYASHI Kazuaki

Systems for visualizing energy usage amounts are being commercialized and disseminated by various vendors but the most important operation of visualization is to remain at the level of graphical information generation. NEC proposes the implementation of optimum energy-saving environments by the following acts: 1) Creating links to specific business type systems, 2) Developing technologies related to such systems as information collection and graphic information generation to evaluation/analysis, 3) Additional functions for the future such as control and consultation support by emphasizing compliance with energy-saving laws and regulations.

EMS (Energy Management System)


The NEC Group has marketed the office energy-saving service “EnePal PC Pack” in an effort to promote “Green by IT,” energy saving by making use of ICT (Information Communications Technology) for the PC as the typical office information communication device.This paper introduces its features by focusing on the functions with which the PC performs autonomous control by learning the behavior pattern of a user. It goes on to verify the effects of the introduction of the service, and discusses future deployment perspectives.

Research & development

The C&C Innovation Research Laboratories opened in July, 2007. It is to be found on the 2nd floor of the NEC Kansai Research Laboratories building located in the Keihanna Gakken-toshi (Keihanna Science City) of Ikoma city, Nara prefecture. The aims of the laboratory are to predict future trends and to contribute to creating new business opportunities over the coming 30 years or so. The unique activities of the laboratory include the creation of innovative office and work styles aimed at realizing a “Heart-to-heart Communication” environment in which staff are able to cooperate in an open manner. While optimally using state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, remarkable demonstration experiments are being carried out in order to pick up the pace of staff creativity and to create a better communication environment in which they may work more effectively.

Minoru Yoshikawa

This paper introduces examples of our R&D aimed at energy-saving cooling technologies by focusing on the air-cooling technology used with LCD projectors, a water-cooling technology used with computers and a phase-change cooling technology. These technologies feature low power consumption cooling devices for information and communications technology (ICT) equipment such as the computers and projectors used in the office environment.

YAMAGUCHI Ichiro ・SUZUKI Takaaki ・TSUDA Shunsuke ・SAITO Yoshihiko ・
YAMADA Katsuhiko

The recent increase in the deployment of systems consisted of sensors and actuators has raised expectations for services that can contribute by their use to a reduction in the amount of unacceptable environmental loads. For the present, however, systems that can suitably support such services need to be deployed by optimizing each system according to the sensors and actuators that are used. The consequent high cost is tending to hinder the dissemination of such services. To deal with this situation, NEC is advancing R&D of management platform technologies that can reduce the deployment cost of this kind of service. This paper describes the recently developed technologies and their standardization and supporting activities.In addition, this paper also introduces an outline of a verification experiment demonstration performed at a convenience store chain.

General Papers

MIYAGAWA Risa ・HATO Yukinori ・INAGAWA Masako ・INOUE Koji ・SEKI Daisuke

Recent deterioration of the global environment has tended to promote the development of power storage devices aimed at a more effective utilization of energy. Featuring a capability for instantaneous discharge and recovery of large current supply, the capacitor is being evaluated for application in momentary dip/interruption protector devices, energy regeneration from solar cells and wind energy, construction machinery, control of natural energy systems and energy regeneration in automobiles. This paper introduces a newly developed high-power lithium-ion capacitor featuring high capacitance, high energy and a large current charge/discharge capability.

CHIDA Yoshifumi

Functions supporting automobile safety and comfort, such as powered windows, auto door locks and keyless entry systems contain various electrical modules. These modules are subjected to severe constraints regarding their overall sizes and their need to achieve thickness reductions from the viewpoint of diversification and high-density surface mounting of components on PC boards. For these reasons the aim to improve cost competitiveness is critical. Based on such a background, automotive relays for use in automotive electrical modules are also under increasing pressure regarding profile reduction and surface mounting issues.In order to respond to these requirements, NEC TOKIN has developed a small-sized surface-mounted relay with the lowest profile among automotive twin relays worldwide that features a similar performance to the competing devices.

Yoichi MAMIYA ・Hideo KOMAMURA ・Takayuki INOUE

The laminated piezoelectric actuator is a device featuring high displacement accuracy, fast response and high generated force and its applications have been advancing for positional control of precision machinery such as in chip fabrication systems. Expectations for these actuators are increasing because of the recent rise in the requirements for size/voltage reductions that are aimed at application in consumer equipment such as digital cameras and cellular phones. Additionally the increase in the precision requirements of general precision machinery has been influential. This paper introduces the laminated piezoelectric actuators of NEC TOKIN and focuses specifically on the new laminated piezoelectric actuator for low voltage drive that can effectively meet recent market requirements.

NEC Information

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