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PLM(Product Lifecycle Management)

Provide a platform for sharing the product information required for global manufacturing
Improve the QCDE of products, and support customer business expansion

Press Release

Product Lineup

NEC provides a cloud-based PLM service named "Obbligato for SaaS" and also an on-premise PLM product named "Obbligato III".
Please select a proper product according to customer’s environment, purpose, and budget.
Customers can also shift from "Obbligato for SaaS" to "Obbligato III" step by step.
In addition, "Obbligato III" will evolve into the fourth generation "Obbligato" by reforming its platform to respond to rapid digitization and business model transformation.

PLM Solution "Obbligato" Overview

Achieving Innovation in the Global Manufacturing Process

Obbligato is a product lifecycle management system, which manages various product data generated in manufacturing processes in relation to the product development process and integrated BOM. Throughout the whole product life cycle, by effective use of Obbligato, NEC will support the strengthening of product development capabilities and competitiveness of customers.


● Features
Obbligato integrates and manages the most important reference information BOM / BOP in manufacturing, and builds the engineering platform of manufacturing that linked with digital thread. Based on the abundant achievements in the Obbligato series, you can use it with confidence as a evolving PLM that will greatly enhance ease of use, connection, customization .

Figure: Obbligato Features

● Concept: "Manufacturing engineering platform" linked with digital thread
We manage and consolidate the standard reference over the entire product lifecycle ranging from planning to design, production, maintenance, and by seamlessly connecting data with digital threads, we can respond promptly to changes in customer needs, reduce product development lead time, improve quality, speed product traceability.

Figure: Obbligato Concept

● Solution
This system is suitable for the customer who would like to customize flexibly in accordance with the business.

  • An on-premise PLM system of which the introduction is No. 1 in Japan.
  • In addition to realize high-quality business functions, flexible customization is also available.
  • NEC provides detailed function regarding “BOM” which is required in Japan’s manufacturing business.

Obbligato for SaaS

This service is suitable for the customer who wants to use immediately at a low cost.

  • Customer can use PLM instantly via the Internet.
  • NEC prepares a widely-used business scenario which can be used directly without any customization.
  • One user in one-month contract is also available for small start customer.

Obbligato / Data Loss Prevention

This product protects from taking out confidential data and drawings easily at low cost, and also prevents from leakages of sensitive information such as drawings and recipe.

Case Studies

Building a platform that links engineering and manufacturing digitally with BOM as core Further progress through global MONOZUKURI process innovation

Sanden Holdings

Sanden Holdings

What will be the form of NEC's new development platform for turning out revolutionary products that triumph in the global marketplace?

NEC unified PDM

NEC unified PDM

NEC provides a cloud-based service, Obbligato for SaaS, to the manufacturers of automobile parts and machine tool in Thailand.

C.L.P Engineering Co.,LTD.

C.L.P Engineering Co.,LTD.

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I would like to introduce PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) which manages design drawings and bill of materials! Also, I want to take countermeasures against leakage of technical information! It is documents for customers who say.

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Download Obbligato materials