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Series of columns: Necessity and effective utilization of Integrated BOM management

Necessity and effective utilization of Integrated BOM management  What is a BOM?

Obbligato has a wide variety of composable solutions and has been evolving continuously for more than 30 years by incorporating the latest technologies to meet the needs of Japanese manufacturing industry.

As a core concept of MONOZUKURI, Obbligato is equipped with advanced features in BOM and BOP management and provides effective BOM management, Integrated BOM management solution in order to overcome BOM challenges by enabling you to create, define and manage the BOM easily and individually by use of business applications and integrating them centrally.

In this series of columns, we will explain about the benefits of integrated BOM management which support product designing, manufacturing and other related business processes across the product life cycle as a basic and important information.

Integrated BOM vol1:What is a BOM?

What is a BOM?

BOM is an abbreviated name for “Bill of Materials”. It is an extensive list of the raw materials, parts, sub-assemblies, sub-components, and all their quantities needed to manufacture a product, and also express a structure of product. It displays the hierarchical structure of parts at single level and multiple level. It serves as the core of MONOZUKURI because it consists of all information required to assemble and manufacture a product. Currently, in most of companies in the manufacturing industry, BOM is created, used and managed in several business phases such as sales estimation, product design, procurement, manufacturing, maintenance, service etc. across the product life cycle in order to streamline the product development process. These BOMs by business application are the core information of MONOZUKURI and hence play an important role in the Manufacturing Industry.