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Effective utilization of BOP vol.2: Case study

Case study – How to use BOP by industry

In the previous column, we explained about the features of BOP such as contents, roles and necessity. The purpose and usage of BOP implementation and its characteristics can be seen in different industries. This time, we would like to introduce use cases by industry.

Digitization of manufacturing sites due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation

Digitization of manufacturing sites due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation

In the past, it was said that the strength of Japanese manufacturing lies in the “work site (genba)”. Japanese manufacturers manufactured their products to meet the deadlines by using their "on-site capability (genba-ryoku)" with integral type adjustments at manufacturing sites in response to)” various drawings created by product designers with CAD.

However, the current situation is that the "on-site capability" itself has weakened year by year, due to the globalization of the supply chain and the retirement of veteran production engineers and skilled workers without passing on their know-how to the next generations.

Originally, in the busy production engineering department, veteran engineers had a high level of “onsite capabilities” to meet the deadlines even if there was delay in the release of drawings, , and such high level of “onsite capability” was also a one of the factors that hindered digitization. Then COVID-19 outbreak occurs, and with the wave of digitalization, new opportunities for adopting and using digitalization in all business scenes including manufacturing sites have been increased.

This has become a turning point, and as a result the introduction of PLM, a product information sharing platform was rekindled, such as digitization from upstream phase to downstream phase starting from BOM and BOP, communication between departments using BOM and BOP as a common language, and acceleration of Digital transformation (DX) in manufacturing.

The management of BOM and BOP that we have explained so far, differs from industry to industry. In this column, we would like to introduce use cases of four industries.