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Transportable Radar Control System

NEC's Transportable Radar Control System (TRCS) provides an essential radar air traffic control service at an airport where its ATC system is inoperative due to unexpected accidents and/or disasters or its equipment upgrade work.

NEC's TRCS is a compact air traffic control system transportable by a medium size truck, aircraft or helicopter.
The system performance is equal to that of a standard airport radar system and capable of keeping safe and efficient air traffic control.

Keeping air traffic services

  • Highly mobile system
  • Sufficient coverage for the approach control service
  • Three control positions with A/G and G/G communications capability
  • Environment protection demands can be met easily
  • High reliable second generation system

The feature of radar equipment

  • A compact shelter with a foldable antenna
  • Easily expandable shelter for provision of a maintenance area
  • Maximum detection range of 100 nm
  • A control room can be set up by connecting two shelters
  • High mobility by use of a shelter and folding antenna
  • Aircraft detected are shown graphically as in a standard processed radar display
  • Voice communications between the controller and pilot and other facilities are controlled

Overview of Radar shelter
Foldable antenna
Overview of Control shelter
Inside of Control shelter

Performance parameters

Coverage 60nmi. 100nmi. 60nmi. -
Rotation rate 15rpm 15rpm - -
Interrogation Mode -

3/A, C

(Mode S Upgradable)

3/A, C -




< 1.5°

< 2% of actual range

< 0.06°

< 100m

- -


(RCS 15m2)

> 95% - -
Number of aircraft 250 250 180 -
Air Traffic Control positions - - 3 positions 3 positions
Number of communication channels - - -

Air to Ground 14

Ground to Ground 8

Air Traffic Control
Airport operations