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February 13, 2023

Gaku Nakano

Ph. D in Engineering
Senior Researcher
Multimodal Sensing RG
Visual Intelligence Research Laboratories

Research Area

  • Computer Vision (Structure-from-Motion, 3D Shape Reconstruction, Camera Pose Estimation)



International Conference Papers

  • Gaku Nakano, "Solution Space Analysis of Essential Matrix based on Algebraic Error Minimization," ECCV 2022.PDF(PDF)
  • Gaku Nakano, "Algebraic Constraint for Preserving Convexity of Planar Homography," 3DV 2021, pp. 126-135. PDF(PDF)
  • Gaku Nakano, Shoji Nishimura, "Real-time Social Distancing Detection System with Auto-calibration using Pose Information," AIML Systems 2021. PDF(PDF) movie(Video)
  • Gaku Nakano, "Camera Calibration using Parallel Line Segments," ICPR2020.PDF(PDF)
  • Gaku Nakano, "A Simple Direct Solution to the Perspective-Three-Point Problem," BMVC2019. PDF(PDF), new window(CODE).
  • Gaku Nakano and Shibata Takashi, "Fast and Robust Homography Estimation by Adaptive Graduated Non-Convexity," ICIP 2019. PDF(PDF) new window(LINK)
  • Gaku Nakano, "Accelerated Ransac for 2D Homography Estimation based on Global Brightness Consistency," ICIP 2017. PDF(PDF) new window(LINK)
  • Subhajit Chaudhury, Gaku Nakano, Jun Takada, Akihiko Iketani, "Spatial-Temporal Motion Field Analysis for Pixelwise Crack Detection on Concrete Surfaces," WACV 2017, pp. 336-344. PDF(PDF) new window(LINK)
  • Gaku Nakano, "A Versatile Approach for Solving PnP, PnPf, and PnPfr Problems," ECCV 2016, pp. 338-352. PDF(PDF)  PDF(PDF) new window(LINK) new window(CODE)
  • Gaku Nakano, "Globally Optimal DLS Method for PnP Problem with Cayley parameterization, " BMVC 2015, pp. 78. 1-78. 11.   new window(CODE)
  • Gaku Nakano, Jun Takada, "A Robust Least Squares Solution to the Calibrated Two-View Geometry with Two Known Orientation Angles, " VISSAP 2013, pp. 132-145. PDF (PDF) new window(LINK)
  • Gaku Nakano, Itaru Kitahara, Yuichi Ohta, "Generating perceptually-correct shadows for mixed reality, " ISMAR 2008, pp. 173-174. PDF (PDF) new window(LINK)

International Journal Papers

  • Gaku Nakano, "Efficient DLT-Based Method for Solving PnP, PnPf, and PnPfr Problems," IEICE Trans. Inf.& Syst., No. 104, Vol 9, pp. 1467-1477. PDF (PDF)


ICME2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award
Young Researcher's Award, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), Japan.

Academic society, communicty, etc.

  • IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Japan)
  • IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan)

Patents (Issued ones only)

  • US Patent No: 9053522, 9491331, 10126115, 10197502, 10719956

Academic/professional career summary

Received Ph. D from the Univeristy of Tsukuba
2014 - 2015
Visitor at the Robotics Institute, the Carnegie Mellon University new window(CMU Panoptic Studio)
2008 - present
Researcher at NEC Central Research Labs
Received M.Eng from the University of Tuskuba