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Health and Safety


NEC Corporation has established a basic philosophy as part of its “Companywide Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy Action Guidelines” stating that “NEC should maintain and enhance a comfortable and supportive workplace to ensure the health and safety of all who work at its business sites.” We offer various programs for safety and health focusing on preventive management.

On the basis of its “Companywide Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy,” NEC has established the following action guidelines to maintain and enhance a comfortable and supportive workplace and to ensure the health and safety of its employees including dispatched workers.

[Companywide OH&S Policy Action Guidelines]

  1. Improve occupational health and safety management systems by continuously and efficiently implementing occupational health and safety activities.
  2. Promote the identification of sources of danger, as well as risk assessment and risk management, with the aim of reducing labor accidents to zero.
  3. Comply with laws and regulations, and other rules and decisions regarding occupational health and safety.
  4. Strive to make the occupational health and safety obligations known to ensure understanding and fulfillment of these obligations.
  5. Actively provide disclosure of information regarding occupational health and safety activities.
  6. Endeavor to enhance the mental and physical health of workers and develop a comfortable workplace.
  7. Ensure the appropriateness and effectiveness of these policies and the occupational health and safety management systems through regular reviews.

Since fiscal 2009, NEC has been implementing various programs under the “NEC Health Innovation 21” initiative for all employees to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
These programs are measures for metabolic syndrome, stress and cancer prevention.
In fiscal 2020, we formulated the NEC Group Health Declaration to expand on our initiatives to date and promote them further going forward. The declaration goes further than simply avoiding illness, incorporating an aspiration to work towards improving employees’ health condition and helping each individual to achieve selfactualization by working in a positive mental and physical state, thereby contributing to the NEC Group’s social value creation.
To achieve this aspiration, we are conducting various health promotion activities under the health slogan “Better Condition, Better Life.” These are based on three axes of literacy, practice, and technology, and seek to reform health awareness, change behavior, and support people in maintaining their changes.

We believe it is important for each employee to be aware of their own health and to think and act for this purpose.
The Key Performance Indicator of our activities are the positive response rates to the questions on "physical conditions" and "lifestyle improvement awareness" on the regular health checkup questionnaire.
We are working to achieve more than 50% for each question.

These efforts have been acknowledged with NEC’s certification as a 2021 Health and Productivity Management Organization.

[NEC Group Health Declaration]

Better Condition, Better Life
-Better Individual Lives Make a Richer Society

We will create an environment in which employees can work with enthusiasm towards their dreams, and a culture in which employees and their family members can look after their own physical condition and take care of their health. Harnessing the health and vitality of all our employees, we will contribute to the realization of a richer society.

July 3, 2019
Takashi Niino
President and CEO (Representative Director)
NEC Corporation


NEC is certificated as a 2021 Health and Productivity Management Organization.

Promotion Framework

At NEC Corporation, the human resources and general affairs divisions set targets and key measures for the fiscal in accordance with NEC Corporation’s (OH&S) Policy Action Guidelines and NEC Group Health Declaration; then, the divisions propose and implements specific measures to achieve the targets for each region and business site, and domestic consolidated subsidiary. The Human Resources & General Affairs Department, the Health Management Center, and the NEC Health Insurance Association serve as a health promotion team for NEC and its domestic consolidated subsidiaries to promote health management activities. Each team works autonomously but promotes health management activities in a unified manner by gathering data, knowledge, and expertise from all the team. The Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) oversees health and safety for the whole Company, including risk management, and reports on the activities to the Board of Directors.

NEC Group Health Management Promotion Framework

At each region and business site, health and safety committees meet each month to take action on ensuring health and safety at business sites and promoting comfortable workplace environments. Committee members include health and safety commissioners and labor union representatives selected by each division, as well as employee representatives, and occupational physicians and healthcare nurses from the Health Care Center. They share information on the status of labor accidents and the promotion of various measures, as well as discussing new health and safety countermeasures and health-related measures, among others.

Furthermore, labor union members also participate in a monthly worksite inspection conducted by an occupational physician, exchanging opinions with workplace representatives and gathering opinions. When new risks arise regarding health and disasters, the information is quickly gathered and discussed by the committee.

These initiatives are overseen by the Human Resources and General Affairs Division, with its internal organization, the Regional Affairs Department, handling routine matters by acting in the role of the promotion office. The Regional Affairs Department posts the discussions and deliberations of the health and safety committee on the intranet, and shares information within each region, while performing the function of a regional center in accordance with the occupational health and safety management system. It also receives inquiries from a wide range of employees and organizations as the internal contact desk.

Meanwhile, important matters such as a major disaster or pandemic are handled by the Business Strategy Committee attended by corporate management, such as the President or directors. The Committee decides on important themes each year, reviews the flow for countermeasures, and conducts exercises. (Our response to the pandemic is described in the section on “Business Continuity.”)
Furthermore, we provide a channel for exchanging information with overseas subsidiaries to share safety confirmation information during disasters and take steps to ensure workplace safety.

Strategies and Main Activities and Results for Fiscal 2020


NEC Corporation conducts OH&S activities from two standpoints that address “Companywide issues” as well as “specific issues reflecting unique conditions faced by individual Group companies and business sites.”
In our initiatives on Companywide issues we formulated the “Companywide OH&S Policy” in fiscal 2011, and in fiscal 2013, we formulated the “Occupational Health and Safety Management Regulations” as part of efforts to enhance the quality of our health and safety activities.
In fiscal 2020, we conducted an online course in “Companywide Health and Safety Training” as an initiative to increase OH&S awareness among all NEC Corporation employees.

  • Number of course graduates: 18,688 (89%)

Furthermore, to address specific issues reflecting unique conditions faced by individual Group companies and business sites, NEC has been conducting initiatives based on the health and safety management system. In fiscal 2020, six of NEC’s main business sites and six NEC Group affiliate companies obtained “OHSAS 18001.”
Moreover, we will continue conducting various training programs for employees involved in OH&S activities.

  • (Basic lifesaving workshop) Number of course graduates: 142

Health Promotion

The NEC Group has set out three axes for its initiatives: Literacy, Practice, and Technology. We are conducting a range of initiatives such as introducing a Health Checkup Forecast Simulation, holding regular awareness-raising events, and promoting smoking cessation.

Health Checkups

We provide blood tests for all employees of NEC Corporation and 23 affiliated companies in Japan, including all items on the regular health examination, with the goal of identifying lifestyle diseases at an early stage and responding quickly. This enables us to implement comprehensive countermeasures against lifestyle diseases right through from joining the Company to retirement.

  • Health Checkup Forecast Simulation
    From July 2019, around 60,000 NEC Group employees have been offered an online service that enables them to simulate for themselves their future health risks and what would happen if they improved their current lifestyle. The service uses software called NEC Health Checkup Forecast Simulation,*1 which is based on heterogeneous mixture learning technology,*2 one of the NEC the WISE*3 group of advanced AI technologies.

    The service explains the significance of the figures in the health checkup results using a video, while offering proposals for highly effective lifestyle improvements based on AI analysis and a visualized forecast of the impact of implementing them. By using this service, we can foster employees’ awareness to improve their health autonomously and support them in changing their behavior.
  • *1:
    NEC Health Checkup Forecast Simulation is developed by NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd., an NEC Group company.
  • *2:
    Heterogeneous mixture learning technology: An analysis technology that can automatical ly identify highly accurate regularities within highly heterogeneous and diverse data to achieve highly accurate results even in complex forecasts that are difficult to perform manual ly.
  • *3:

    NEC the WISE is the name for NEC’s group of advanced AI technologies.

Health Promotion Events

Since July 2019, we have held regular events such as an exercise seminar by a professional trainer and a lecture on diet and sleep by an expert. The events are intended to provide an opportunity for employees to think for themselves about their own health, and take steps to maintain and improve their mental and physical condition, and to support them in making health activity a regular part of their lives.
All the events are open to remote participants through the use of a web conferencing system.
In addition, we held NEC Group Family Day, with participation by approximately 2,300 employees and family members. At the event, the show room was opened, and we held a programming school for children, and so forth. We also held various health measurement events, exercise seminars, and provided healthy lunches, as well as NEC Corporation health-related solution experience sessions, and other events to provide an experience for employees and their families to learn about being healthy while having fun.

Smoking Cessation

NEC is supporting employees who seek to “quit smoking,” since there is no room for medical doubt that smoking is harmful to health and runs counter to health promotion. In July 2019, we announced the Company’s policy of strongly promoting a total ban on smoking during work hours (including outside the Company).

NEC Corporation has been phasing out smoking areas and extending non-smoking hours, and has also provided counseling as needed for those who wish to quit smoking. In addition, NEC has instituted an “NEC No Tobacco Day” in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) “World No Tobacco Day,” to promote smoking cessation. Moreover, it provides lung age measurement by health professionals and consultation on smoking cessation by pharmacists at the health management center of each business site, distributes nicotine gum or patches (“No Smoking for Only a Half Day” program), and other activities.

As a result, the smoking rate at NEC Corporation and 23 affiliated companies in Japan was lowered from 31.1% at the end of fiscal 2006 to 20.7% by the end of fiscal 2019 (Reduction rate: 33.4%).
From fiscal 2021, in collaboration with the NEC Health Insurance Association, we will start providing an online Quit Smoking Program. By enlisting the cooperation of surrounding non-smokers as “quit smoking supporters,” program participants will create an environment that makes it easier to quit smoking.
In addition, NEC Corporation and affiliated companies in Japan will phase in a full smoking ban covering all NEC Group sites.

Mental Health Care Initiatives

We position mental health care as a key health care priority, and we are creating a healthy workplace by maintaining the mental health of our employees.

  • Online training
    *Completion rate: 93.4%
    (Target: NEC Corporation and 13 domestic consolidated subsidiaries)
  • Mental health training and primary care training for managers
  • Stress checks
  • Mental Health Support Program
  • Return-to-work support program
  • Consultation desks (In-house/Outside the Company)

Health Support for Young Employees

NEC Corporation and 23 affiliated companies in Japan are implementing the following initiatives designed mainly to foster a self-care mindset.

  • Newly hired employees
    Health guidance program immediately after joining the Company and fresher’s interview by an industrial physician after assignment
  • Interviews for all 27-year-old employees
  • Health College 30 for all 30-year olds *Participatory group training

Initiatives for Preventing Lifestyle-Related Diseases

At NEC Corporation and 23 affiliated companies in Japan, occupational physicians and healthcare professionals provide healthcare guidance not only to employees whose overall health checkup result indicates a need for treatment but also for those who require lifestyle improvement. In addition, for employees whose specific diagnostic results indicate metabolic conditions or potential metabolic conditions, we provide support with health guidance for those aged 30 and over in addition to those in the legally mandated age bracket of 40 and over. As a result, the ratio of NEC Group employees with metabolic conditions and potentially metabolic conditions was reduced from 33.1% at the end of fiscal 2009 to 24.8% by the end of fiscal 2019 (reduction rate: 26.3%).

With regard to dental and oral hygiene, free dental checkups are available under the Health Insurance Association policy.

As a general measure to promote self-medication by raising health awareness, the NEC Health Insurance Association has created a health portal website called “HAPPY LTH,” (a health points program), to encourage health promotion activities, also for employees’ families.

Measures against Cancer

In collaboration with the NEC Health Insurance Association, we have established an environment that allows employees to receive the same screening tests as they would at an external medical institution for a lower self-coverage cost, and to take the examinations during working hours.
As another initiative for raising awareness, in fiscal 2020 we held a breast cancer seminar during the lunch time period.

  • Supporting Employees Receiving Treatment While Working
    To improve the working environment to allow people to work with peace of mind while receiving treatment for cancer or intractable diseases, in May 2018 we formulated guidelines covering the Company’s position, direction, points for employees and supervisors to be aware of, and so forth. Depending on the situation, we will support individual employees receiving treatment by coordinating with them, their workplaces, the Health Care Center, and the Human Resources and General Affairs Division.

Communication of Various Health-Related Information

Each month we provide monthly “Health News” information that can be implemented straight away using an intranet portal website, digital signage, the labor union email magazine, and various other media and forums such as the health and safety committee meetings. In fiscal 2020, we offered information on a range of themes including smoking and heart disease, cancer screening, hand washing, and sitting posture.

Countermeasures for Transmissible Diseases

At NEC, we have established a consultation window on transmissible diseases at the Health Care Center, and we also provide financial assistance for seasonal influenza vaccinations. We have also provided information regarding the recent (2018-2019) wave of rubella that has affected working people in their 30s and 40s, informing employees of the risks of infection to others around them, and in particular the impact on the next generation from infection of pregnant women. In addition, we have encouraged vaccination through the health and safety committees and an intranet portal website.

When employees are sent on assignment overseas, we make them aware of the need to be careful and receive vaccinations for transmissible diseases that are commonly seen in the local area or that have been prevalent recently, including transmissible diseases that require notification such as tuberculosis and malaria. We also take the necessary countermeasures prior to the posting. In addition, we pay careful attention to employees’ health management after their return from overseas.

We are also responding to COVID-19.

Labor Accidents and Disasters

Labor accidents at NEC Corporation are mostly minor, such as tripping on stairs at train stations or falling on the street during business trips or sales calls. There have been no major disasters.

When a labor accident has occurred, the person responsible for labor accidents checks on the status of people affected by the accident, determines the causes, and implements measures to prevent a recurrence as needed. Even for minor labor accidents such as tripping or falling, the details and countermeasures are shared throughout the Company via the OH&S Committee, the intranet, and so forth. We strive to prevent labor accidents that could be caused by natural disasters, for example calling on employees to remain at home or to return home early if a typhoon or heavy snowfall is forecast.
Looking ahead, in order to raise awareness concerning occupational safety, we intend to continue conducting OH&S Committee activities, daily workplace inspections and crosschecking, while aiming to reduce the number of labor accidents and disasters.

As shown in the graph below, the “frequency rate” in fiscal 2020 remained low at 0.2600 compared to the nationwide manufacturing sector average rate of 1.2.
The “severity rate” has remained low at 0.0037, where the average rate for the manufacturing sector nationwide is 0.1.