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Use case 3. Automotive parts industry
- Importing quality control and cost planning information into BOP

Looking at the introduction status of each industry, we believe that the most advanced industry was the automotive parts industry where manufacturing sites were spreading globally, and it had not been easy to maintain the uniform quality and perform speedy tracing of recalled products against the requirement of precise traceability for the backdrop of successive mega recalls.

In this industry, manufacturing companies have been rationalizing its operations for the long time such as use of common parts in undercarriage etc. and have been using "150% BOM" from an early stage. In terms of BOP, these manufacturing companies create 150% standard BOP at its mother plant in home country, and also strengthens quality governance, along with the deployment of BOPs required at manufacturing sites in each country.

The characteristic of this industry is to adopt and standardize the quality control method called “FMEA (Failure mode and effect analysis)” into the BOP. In addition, in cost planning, information is incorporated into BOM and BOP to refer actual manufacturing costs from past BOPs, so that high accurate costs can be calculated from the upstream phase of engineering. As a result, the time and effort previously required to check at manufacturing site at the time of cost planning has been significantly reduced.

They will continue to accept the inevitability and value of BOP in front loading, which ultimately ensures traceability, safe and secure quality, and costing at the upstream phase of engineering, so we believe that BOP will be introduced to such companies in the future.