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Use case 2. Industrial machinery and heavy industry
– New trend which is called “Maintenance BOP”

Most of the orders in the industrial machinery industry are MTO (Make to Order) and ETO (Engineering to Order) for each customer, however there is also an aspect for restructuring the product by combining modules. Therefore, in the same way as narrowing down from "150% master BOM" to sales order (manufacturing number) BOM based on MTO specifications, BOP also narrows down from "150% "master BOP" to "100% sales order BOP" and then data is connected to SCM.

The reason for taking this approach is to consolidate the information pertaining to production status in BOP such as what and how the things are moving in the current process and factory so that product for client A can be reused for another client B and client c, when sales order from client A is cancelled.

There is another unique feature in these industries called maintenance BOM. In the industrial machinery industry, there is a need to integrate consumables and repair parts with an FSM (Field Service Management) system to improve the efficiency and profitability of services and maintenance operations, where business after-sales service is a challenge. In addition, need for "maintenance BOP" also arises, such as what jigs and tools are required to be used for maintenance work, and arise of such needs will lead to the expansion of BOP concept.

In this industry, including Heavy Industries, we believe that the introduction of BOM and BOP will progress along with the digitalization and visualization of know-how at production sites, where skills and ability of production engineers had been the main strength in the past.