NEC Storage ReplicationControl SQL Option


Snapshot backup

Creates a snapshot of a database instantly without interrupting the operation of Microsoft® SQL Server.

Snapshot restoration

Restores the original database from a snapshot backup.This function can be used for restoration in the event of failure.

Application examples

High-speed backup

The data replication function of NEC Storage disk array system instantly duplicates Microsoft® SQL Server databases. This replicated data can be used as a backup. Databases are duplicated in NEC Storage disk array systems without influencing online business.

Backup concurrent with online business

Data can be extracted from a replicated database and saved to a tape without interrupting on-going business operations.

Online response during data saving is perfectly safe.

Search operation concurrent with online business

By retaining the data for search operation independently in a replicated volume, business operation and search operation can be performed without influencing each other. With this configuration, disk access competition and deadlocks are eliminated.

Concurrent batch processing

Concurrent batch processing using a replicated volume significantly reduces processing time.

Application evaluation

An application evaluation environment can be configured easily by using replicated volumes.

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