NEC Storage ReplicationControl SQL Option

Operating environment

Supported disk array NEC Storage M100 series
NEC Storage M300 series
NEC Storage M500 series
NEC Storage M700 series
Supported OS *1 Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Required software Required software:
In case of NEC Storage M120/M320/M320F
  - NEC Storage Manager Suite
In case of NEC Storage M100/M110
  - NEC Storage Manager Suite
  - NEC Storage ControlComand on Windows
In case of NEC Storage M300/M310/M310F, M500 series, M700 series
  - NEC Storage BaseProduct
  - NEC Storage ControlComand on Windows
Replication software (either of the following is required):
    NEC Storage DynamicDataReplication
    NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication
Microsoft SQL Server (any one of the following is required):*1
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    Microsoft SQL Server 2014
    Microsoft SQL Server 2016 
    Microsoft SQL Server 2017 
    Microsoft SQL Server 2019 
  • *1
    Please contact NEC for possible restrictions.