1-fiber bidirectional transceivers


The conversion to an optics-based access system is expected to progress rapidly as the demand for high-speed, broadband access increases with the rapid expansion of the Internet. While access equipment used in conventional SDH/SONET and Ethernet systems employ two optical fibers, there is an increasing number of systems that transmit and receive signals over a single optical fiber with the view to raising the usage efficiency of optical fiber, decreasing the number of optical fibers to be accommodated by a communications office, and eliminating the complexity of identifying and connecting two optical fibers.

Small sized products ideal for mass production

Three product forms: MSA-compliant SFP, Compact SFP and Dual SFP(*)
NEC is one of the founding members of Compact SFP MSA and DSFP MSA (*).
(*) DSFP MSA web site: https://www.dsfpmsa.org/

Full lineup

An extensive set of data rates, transmission distances, and optical-connector shape, monitoring characteristics are ready.
And furthermore the highly integrated Compact SFP (Compact Small Form-factor Pluggable transceiver) and DSFP (Dual Small Form-Factor Pluggable transceiver) will enable network system vendors to increase port density and data throughput, while reducing network equipment cost.

Product Lineup

P to P Transceivers

Speed Form Part Number Wavelength Distance(*) Specification
1.25Gb/s, 2.5Gb/s SFP OD-BP05xxxL 1.31/1.49um 10km/20km/>20km CPRI/1G Ethernet/OC-48
4.9Gb/s SFP OD-BP07xxxL 1.27/1.33um 10km/20km CPRI
6.1Gb/s SFP OD-BP08xxxL 1.27/1.33um 10km/20km CPRI
10.3Gb/s SFP OD-BP09xxxL 1.27/1.33um 10km/20km CPRI/10G Ethernet
10.3Gb/s SFP OD-BP09xxZL 1.27/1.33um 40km CPRI/10G Ethernet
25.7Gb/s SFP OD-BP10xxxL 1.27/1.31um
10km CPRI/25G Ethernet
25.7Gb/s SFP OD-BP10xxZL 1.27/1.31um 30km CPRI/25G Ethernet

  • (*) Maximum reach as defined by IEEE Standards. Longer reach possible depending upon link implementation.

Compact SFP Transceivers Low Power Version

Speed Form Part Number Wave
CSFP OD-BD06xxxL 1.31
1.0W(*) CPRI/1G Ethernet

  • (*) 1.2W for >20km type

Dual SFP Transceivers

Speed Form Part Number Wave
Distance Specification
DSFP OD-BD10xxxL 1.27
10km CPRI/25G Ethernet