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50G SFP56

50G SFP56 BR10/BR40

The demand for optical transceivers that achieve low power consumption, high capacity, and ultra-low latency is increasing as part of the proliferation of next-generation networks.
NEC's 50G SFP56 optical transceiver, compared to optical transceivers that use analog CDR and DSP, offers better power consumption efficiency and enables high real-time communication. It can achieve twice the data transmission capacity of the 25G SFP28 optical transceiver.

Furthermore, it has the same form factor as existing SFP modules and the same electrical interface as SFP+ and SFP28, allowing for flexible configurations according to customer needs.

We offer products that support long-distance transmission of 10km/40km and BiDi (single-core bidirectional) products that enhance fiber utilization efficiency.

NEC contributes to the further expansion of customers' high-capacity networks with the 50G SFP56 series.


  • High-capacity transmission at 50Gb/s PAM4
  • Long-distance transmission of up to 40km
  • High power consumption efficiency and high real-time communication with analog CDR
  • Compatible with SFP/SFP+/SFP28 interfaces
  • The transmission distance ranges from 10km to 60km


Bitrate Part Number Optical fiber Wavelength Reach Power consumption Operating Case Temp.
53.1Gb/s OD-PPNS5L130001 duplex 1310nm 10km 1.8W -40 to +85℃
53.1Gb/s OD-PPNS5E430001 duplex 1310nm 40km T.B.D. -40 to +85℃
53.1Gb/s OD-BP1131SL0001
simplex 1270nm/1330nm 10km 1.8W -40 to +85℃
53.1Gb/s OD-BP1135LL0001
simplex 1289nm/1314nm 40km T.B.D. -40 to +85℃