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Fiber Optic Devices

Long History with Optical Communications Industry

NEC has been developing and manufacturing optical transceivers for more than 30 years since the dawn of the optical communications era. Based on this extensive experience, we provide high-reliability products that have received a high reputation from customers. Our product support structure includes the North American and European markets in addition to Japanese market.

NEC provides the following four optical devices as main products:

Optical Transceiver Applicable Networks

Optical Transceivers for Backbone Network

NEC offers 100G/200G/400Gbit/s optical transceiver using digital coherent technologies, which realize ultra-long haul transmission over 2,000 km, as well as high-capacity with single carrier.  These transceivers are designed for DWDM optical systems and high-speed routers by applying standard MSA form factor for each bit rate.

Optical Transceivers for Metro Network

NEC, a proven industry leader in 100Gbps coherent module technology development, is pleased to introduce its next-generation optical pluggable transceiver module for Metro/Regional DWDM applications as well as data center applications. The coherent CFP2 family provides substantial benefits of lower power dissipation, lower install costs, and higher port density.

Optical Transceivers for Mobile Radio Access Network

Three product forms: MSA-compliant SFP, Compact SFP and DSFP. An extensive set of data rates, transmission distances, and optical-connector shape, monitoring characteristics are ready. And furthermore the highly integrated Compact SFP (Compact Small Form-factor Pluggable transceiver) and DSFP (Dual Small Form-Factor Pluggable transceiver) will enable network system vendors to increase port density and data throughput, while reducing network equipment cost.